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Szilárd Miklós

Szilárd Miklós

area: Visual Art

Stateless Anthropology - Video-portrait of a tent (70', work in progress, Etna Archive) / Model for infrastructure - installation view, Salonul de proiecte, Bucharest, 2014, Foto: Ștefan Sava

conset - lightbox, 2014

Stateless Anthropology (Study for Infrastructure) - installation view, New York Hotel, Cluj, 2013

We and They (1997) / Archive Videos of Tranzit House (1997-2012) - two channel video installation (69'), 99 index cards - view from the exhibition European Travellers, Műcsarnok, Budapest, 2012

Key Facts




Visual Art



recommending institution Stiftung

time period

June 2014 - July 2014

Assistant - graphics studio, Salzburg Summer Academy, Austria;
2009 – 2011
Project coordinator - ȘPAC (Peoples School of Contemporary Art), Cluj;
Founding member of Porotokoll-Project Association (, Cluj;
Co-editor - 'Coursebook of Artistic Practice' (Protokoll), Cluj;

2005 – 2007

Assistant lecturer - PKE University, Oradea, Fine Arts Department

2004 – 2007
Conception and development of the on-line publishing platform

Selected personal exhibitions:
“Miklósi vs Miklós“ (with Dénes Miklósi) - MAGMA, Sf. Gheorghe (2012); “Mentor / I am here because I want to be here”, Romanian Cultural Institute, New-York (2008); ”Science of the Will”, Gallery / IDEA arts + society #26, Cluj; ”After the war is before the war”, Protokoll Studio, Cluj (2007); “Home Gallery, a 1st Person Shooter”, Home Gallery 2020, Bucharest (2005).

Selected group exhibitions:
“Maybe 3” - MAGMA, Sf. Gheorghe; “Patarat 2012. No place for roma?”,, Cluj (2012); "European Travellers. Art from Cluj in the New Millennium", Kunsthalle Budapest (2012); “Fotografische Arbeitskräfte” - Mirabellenpavilon, Salzburg / EURAC Research, Bolzano / Tranzit House, Cluj (2011); "Across the Trees: Romanian Art Now", David Nolan Gallery, New-York (2007).


For the residency in Wien I wish to continue working on a research based project entitled “Stateless Anthropology”. This is developed from the close reading of the materials from the Etna Archive, a collection of documents of the international performance art festival called AnnART, organized for ten consecutive years near St. Ann Lake, between 1990 and 1999. AnnART was one of the many festivals dedicated to performance art in Romania (and more broadly in Eastern Europe) in the immediate period after 1989, but the one that kept for longest its profile of performance or action art. I wish to analyze the utopic charge this mode of artistic expression became infused with in this specific period in history, and to look at the institutionalization process of AnnART, in its highly ideologised role in discussions of social change, but also in its forms of practical organization and basic infrastructural arrangements like the large tent - the center of the festival, power generators, promotional materials, communication and bulletin boards, etc.

I am engaged in the performativity of this archive through forms of speculative fiction, re-enactment, video, text and furniture.

For the further development of this project I would like to visit archives and libraries in Wien, both in performance as well as applied arts.

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