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Dean Roberts

Dean Roberts

area: E-Music

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New Zealand




Auckland (New Zealand)

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time period

November 2002 - January 2003

Dean Roberts
* 1975 in Auckland, New Zealand, Intermedia Arts studies at theUniversity of Auckland Elam School of Fine Arts.
Lives and works in Auckland. Musician, composer, journalist.

Selected discography of recorded works:

Roberts, Dean -And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema - ritornell/mille plateaux (D)- 2000
Roberts, Dean and Dafeldecker, Werner – Aluminium- Erstwhile (USA) 2000
Roberts, Dean –All Cracked Medias ´ ritornell/mille plateaux(D)-1998

Selected past projects:

Artist in Residence, Harvestworks NYC, 1999 –2000
Resident Artist/Tutor Elam School of Fine Arts Auckland New Zealand 1996

Has performed/presented at:

PS1, NYC, Podewil Berlin, Experimental Intermedia Foundation NYC, Studio 5 Beekman Street NYC, Knitting Factory NYC, Pecci Museum, Italy, Link Italy, STEIM, NL among others.


Project Dean Roberts:
Development of new recorded works


At the kind invitation of institut5haus, I came to Vienna and partook in the Artist-in-Residency program at the MQW. During this time I wrote a large amount of work and produced audio recordings in the apartment studio.  I had been working excessively with numerous projects which I wanted to finish and publish, and a lot of music ideas I wanted to document and develop.

It gave me the opportunity to complete unfinished works in a beautiful environment, it is a wonderful space to concentrate in. So it was a highly productive period for me and it was wonderful to have this context to work in.

I played a numerous live concerts in Vienna around this period and began to become very engaged with the thriving music community in Vienna. I developed further longstanding collaborative relationships with Artist from Vienna and was relived of the often overbearing pressures of working independently in fringe culture industry.

In that, it is remarkable that an Institution such as quartier21 in MQ exist and provided this program to support and empower the marginal and experimental arts communities.

I am very greatful to the institution to offer me this opportunity to live and work in this environment, and I hope that the MQW Q 21 continues with this program of fostering independent artist.

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