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Daniel Lie: Passion Fruit/Maracujá

Daniel Lie: Passion Fruit/Maracujá

Daniel Lie is a Pernambuco-Indonesian artist, born in São Paulo, who works with hybrids. In a video interview, he discusses his installation for the exhibition WELT KOMPAKT?

“Passion Fruit is made with eight sewn flags which carry a self-image of wounds that developed in my body due to an allergy condition. This condition, which I have had since childhood, is a reaction of my body towards the environment, food or emotions, which causes skin problems. In this uncomfortable state, I had to change my daily habits. With this change also came studies about life and practices that I took into my work. In a way, I used to relate this condition to something bad in my life, which took me further, so this is  a homage to it.

At the center of the installation is a wooden object that  I encountered (or it encountered me) in the stone waterfalls of Chapada Diamantina. Once it was with me,  I traveled 11,786 km to bring it to Vienna, from Ibicoara in Chapada Diamantina in the Bahia State of Brazil to São Paulo by bus, and from São Paulo to Vienna by plane.”

Text: Daniel Lie

Daniel Lie was Artist-in-Residence of Q21/MQ in November 2016.
The installation “Passion Fruit/Maracujá” is part of the exhibition WELT KOMPAKT? curated by Ursula Maria Probst at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space / MQ Wien.

Date: thru Sun, Sep 03, 2017, Tue-Sun 13-20:00
Admission free


More works by Daniel Lie: https://vimeo.com/liedaniel

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