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Asja Bakić

Asja Bakić

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November 2021 - Dezember 2021

Asja Bakić (1982) is a Bosnian/Croatian author and cultural critic. She has published a book of poetry It Can Be a Cactus, as Long as it Pricks (2009), two short story collections Mars (2015) and Sweetlust (2020). Her fourth book, Come, I’ll Sit on Your Face (2020), is a collection of essays on pop culture she originally wrote for the feminist website Muf (2014 – 2018). Bakić was selected as one of Literary Europe Live’s New Voices from Europe2017. In 2019 Mars was published by Feminist Press in New York. Publishers Weekly included the collection on its annual best fiction list. German edition (Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin) came out in 2020.

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After publishing two short story collections Mars (2015) and Sweetlust (2020), I’m currently working on my next manuscript titled Traugott. My goal is to write twelve to fourteen stories in total. Using fantastical elements and feminist point of view, I plan to twist around usual notions about women and aging, their sexuality, and also rethink some of the stereotypes about everyday life and literature that portrays it. At this moment, I’m working on five new stories. The ones that I’ve progressed with the most are My Secret, a story about countess De Montmorency traveling through time with the help of a mysterious quote she found in Petrarch’s Canzoniere, and Triumph, a short story about a female spy travelling to a distant world trying to find a way for Earth to destroy it. The rest of the stories, Taugott, Mating and The Seven Secretaries of SKOJ, also attempt to subvert the ways in which certain moments in history and literature are taken for granted.

Asja Bakić in conversation with Sabine Winkler

In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (BMEIA), Asja Bakić spends November and December 2021 as Q21 Writer-in-Residence in the MuseumsQuartier Wien. Interviewed by Sabine Winkler for Vienna Art Week, she talks about her work.

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