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Vera Logdanidi

Vera Logdanidi

Bereich: Sound Art, Medienkunst

Na Nich & Vero - Time (Artefakt Remix) [RB001]

Na Nich & Vero (aka Vera Logdanidi) —Time [Rhythm Büro 001]

Na Nich & Vero (aka Vera Logdanidi) — Morning [Rhythm Büro 001]

Na Nich & Vero (aka Vera Logdanidi) — Time (Svreca Remix) [Rhythm Büro 001]

Vera Logdanidi - Euphoria [SEM130.1]

Vera Logdanidi — VPlanet [On Board Music]

Vero (aka Vera Logdanidi) — Salute (Eric Cloutier Remix) [Rhythm Büro 002]

Vero (aka Vera Logdanidi) — Salute (Original Mix) [Rhythm Büro 002]

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Sound Art, Medienkunst



Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Juli 2022 - Juli 2022

For more than a decade Vera Logdanidi has been a well-known music artist based in Kyiv. Vera stays true to her energetic approach of activism, regularly representing the Ukrainian electronic community worldwide. After starting her career in the mid-noughties, Vera quickly became much more involved: firstly as a DJ and then by hosting her own events. Eventually that led to the establishment of 22:22 studio, which was responsible for some of the best drum’n’bass events in Ukraine. Later Vera continued with the Rhythm Büro - a techno oriented music formation that has firmly put Ukraine on the continental event map, with showcases in other countries and a strong reputation for quality music and production. As a producer, Vera debuted on the Rhythm Büro imprint. Her works have appeared on Semantica Records, On Board Music, Corridor Audio, and were remixed by such great artists as Eric Cloutier, Artefakt and Svreca. Her experiment in collaborations resulted in joint live performances with Ukrainian producer and Rhythm Büro co-founder Na Nich. Artistically Vera is longing for the unusual which range from creating a performance for literature presentation to deejaying in front of people who are working out or to lecturing for a music production studying audience. She is a strong believer of properly selected music being the best sauce to any activity. Her sets are always suited to the occasion, because she equally enjoys playing both opening and closing sets or in prime time and her wide selection of music allows her to truly express her vision to the crowds big and small. Vera is constantly active within the music community and provides support to many upcoming and established artists. Aside from touring, Rhythm Büro events and her own musical output, she hosts Kashtan radioshow dedicated exclusively to local artists and music personalities. Eventually Kashtan overgrew its show format and became a fully fledged community of enthusiasts. Label of the same name has been established as well, so Vera’s schedule is never empty and always exciting.


VOICES is an accumulation of research done by sound artist Vera Logdanidi during her one months residence in Vienna, Austria. Using audio recordings of people's dreams and conversations in her sound-production, the author wants to convey the subconscious pain of young Ukrainians going through the experience of war in an audio album and installation format.

Everything that happens around us is reflected in our dreams and private conversations. A crisis of this level, as is happening now in Ukraine, is certainly strongly reflected in our minds and is associated with strong emotions. Full of surreal soundscapes and voice samples, this project is a sonic journey, immersive audio project and installation solution at the same time - a truly unique and profound experience.

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