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Max Hampshire

Max Hampshire

Bereich: Theorie, Medienkunst

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Theorie, Medienkunst


Amsterdam (NDL)

Empfehlende Institution

RIAT – Research Institute for Arts & Technology


September 2017 - September 2017

Max Hampshire (UK) is a researcher and artist living and working in Amsterdam. His research involves unraveling the emergent, alien politics of cryptographically-enabled platforms, as well as the poietic nature of autonomous technologies. He is one of three project initiators of terra0, an ongoing art project investigating crypto-economics and autonomous systems. He is also one of two initiators of Noiserr, a nomadic audio-visual research group centred around noise. He has performed and released work as a sound artist under the moniker of MFAAH (Slip, CACAO), and is a founding member of improvisatory sound-art ensemble OSC~. He was also involved with The Chimera Ensemble for several years as a performer, composer, and committee member. He holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam, and has recently spent time researching and publishing for the Institute of Network Cultures.

terra0, NEW WORLD ORDER, Furtherfield, London (May 2017)
terra0, FIBER Festival, Amsterdam (May 2017)

Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain (chapter contribution, forthcoming)
MoneyLab Blog (January - March 2017)
terra0 White Paper (July 2016)

Zero Input and Voice, distributed sound performance as MFAAH, Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (July 2016)
Noise and Objects, distributed sound performance as MFAAH, part of (A=0) The archive of epistemic collapse, MACAO, Milan (April 2016)
FLUTTER, collaborative audio-visual performance as MFAAH with James Snazell, part of Slip and Video Jam collaboration tour SPACES, Various locations (November 2014)
Durational performance as OSC~, part of Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, Huddersfield (November 2014)

Untitled Split EP, CACAO (forthcoming)
UV/OV, CACAO (2015)

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Max Hampshire


Continuation of research into crypto- & xeno-economic systems under the D.A.R.C. research cluster, leading to publication(s), workshop(s), & multimedia installation(s).

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