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Marco Pezzotta

Marco Pezzotta

Bereich: Bildende Kunst, Installation

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era © Marco Pezzotta

Before you nothing, after you nothing © Marco Pezzotta

Yes, or at least maybe © Marco Pezzotta

I like both the thing and the rest 2 © Marco Pezzotta

Significant Others © Marco Pezzotta

Lookalike © Marco Pezzotta

© Marco Pezzotta

© Marco Pezzotta

Key Facts




Bildende Kunst, Installation


Berlin (GER)

Empfehlende Institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Oktober 2013 - Oktober 2013

Marco Pezzotta; born 1985, Italy.
Lives and works in Berlin (GER) and Bergamo (ITA)

2013 Meisterschüler, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, Berlin (De)
2009 Graduated at Accademia di BB.AA. di Brera, Milan (It)
2008 Guest student at Facultad de BB.AA. UCM, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid (Es)

Selected Solo

2012 Krakatoa, Nopx, Turin (It)
2011 Blind Date, Mars Milano Artist Run Space, double-solo, Milan (It)
Enduring Things, vbm20.10 contemporary, Berlin (De)

Selected Group

2013 Exquisite Corpse, SeMA Nanji, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (Rok)
2012 Blows to the Temple, Node center for curatorial studies, Berlin (De)
Ausgerechnet Freitag der Dreizehnte, curated by F. Wagner, Diplomanden der KHB, Berlin (De)
Orientations, TamtamArt, Berlin (De)
Werttransport, curated by Z. Audiello and 22:37. Berlin (De)
2011 Sweet Sheets IV. Zelle AC. Palermo (It)
Jungart Preis, young artists in Berlin. Alte Münze. Berlin (De)
Videokunst Festival; curated by M. Lipsky. LA54. Berlin (De)
Uscimmo a Riveder le Stelle; prize for visual art. M. Galbiati,Galleria San Fedele. Milan (It)
2010 The Wall; curated by M. Bergamini. FAC FronteArteContemporanea, Milan (It)
2009 Strada a Senso Unico. PolarExpo, Bergamo (It)
2008 Real Presence08. Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli (It) / MKM Magacin, Belgrade (Sb)
Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2007. Le Ciminiere, Catania (It)

Residency Programs, Workshops
2013 SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul (Rok)
2009 Long Live Romance, organized by Franko b. ABA Macerata (It)
EFFEKT//:Akademie, Interflugs UdK, Berlin
2008 Real Presence08, nKA / ICA, organized by D. Denegri and B. Tomic. Belgrade / Rivoli

Art Fairs
2013 Flash Art Event, Beo_Project Belgrade, Milan
Set Up Independent, Beo_Project Belgrade, Bologna (It)
2012 Independents, with Mars Milano and 22:37, Verona (It)


2012 Blows to the Temple, Node center , Berlin (De)
Marco Pezzotta. L’opera come sistema di definizione fuori fuoco. Artwork as an out of focus system of definition.
M. Galbiati in Espoarte n°75. Italy. Springs 2012.

Selected collaborations / interdisciplinary projects
2013 Public presentation at Archive Lounge in “Artist’s Portfolio”, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul (Rok)
2011 Bubble Belly; with Motel Lucie. Artissima Lido. Turin (It)
2010 PILOTA; traveling show, Berlin (De)
Home Sweet Home; Internationales Performance & Videokunst Festival; with G. Moretti.Werkstatt der Kulturen. Berlin (De)
Place010 Q # TERROR; with A. Masprone. AdK Akademie der Künste. Berlin (De)
Il Fuorisalone di Motel - Wallpaper. Milano (t)
Crola - quando mi curo cucino meglio; with Motel Lucie. Lucie Fontaine. Milano (It)
2009 Der Weg nach Oben, with Z. Kunckel. Wohnlabor Projektraum. Berlin (De)


Before you nothing, after you nothing
Marco Pezzotta 2013

The project aims to build a narration using objects and environmental installations as an element of a tale. A main story may be told through a stage, a persona can be introduced from the place s_he inhabits. It is an attempt to structure a research about personal development, and it starts from a tale in which every observer can partway identify him or herself, or choose not to.

Marco Pezzotta is participating in the exhibition <link http: www.quartier21.at no_cache programm _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>FACELESS part II at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL.

"A frame is never just a frame."

Artist-in-Residence Marco Pezzotta talks about his work "Significant Others, 2013", presented in the exhibition Faceless part II. #faceless



I was a resident artist of quartier21 during the month of October 2013. During my stay in Vienna I have been working often in relationship with the exhibition Faceless I was taking part to at the time (displayed at freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL in MuseumsQuartier). I have been given, as a participating artist, an artist-guided tour through the exhibition, and at the time I have also been organizing a workshop for children (based on mutual awareness, empathy, and on the construction of a collective identity) under the project name “Lookalike”, to be realized with the support of the quartier21 staff.
Within a fully equipped and comfortable studio space I have been developing a project to be shown in Belgrade at the Serbian-Italian art space Beo_project, right after the end of my residency period. The whole project has been structured through images printed on chosen textiles and through a photo installation, and it was presented at the beginning of November 2013 under the name “Peaceful Planet”.
Thanks to the quartier21 artistic direction and staff and, most of all, to the other resident artists at the time, I consider now my residency in Vienna as one of the most useful, pleasant and productive episodes of my career.


Ausstellung kuratiert von Bogomir Doringer in Zusammenarbeit mit Brigitte Felderer (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien)

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