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Marina Marković (SRB): Artist Talk

29.01.2018 bis 29.01.2018 - MQ Raum D
Veranstalter: Q21

Marina Marković (SRB): Artist Talk


Marina Marković (SRB): Artist Talk Marina Marković (SRB): Artist Talk

Treffpunkt: Raum D / Q21, der Talk findet im Artist-in-Residence Studio statt
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Marina Marković is an artist who questions and (re)works feminine everyday and life forms, affects and (corpo)reality in various media. Personal experience with anorexia in young adult age places her work in constant relation to maturing and sexuality; gender (de)construction.
Thus she explores themes of consumption and body economics as societal coercion, states of vulnerability, (in)adequacy and (de)subjectivation, maps the traumatic events by investigating personal female histories and narratives, questioning female archetypes, negotiating the body-state and gendering the gaze.

Marković's artworks question and transgress liminal spaces between women's everyday life and the heteronormalized public sphere, within a framework that considers the «condition of corporeal existence» (Grosz) and all experiences performing femininity— domestic work, beauty rituals, love, sex, intimacy, menstruation, pregnancy, aging, body modelling and eating disorders, media contents and products, body – un/conscious image.

Starting from feminine Otherness, intimacy and personal space in mind, Marković performs the process of becoming Woman within the society; slow, anfractuous and hesitating turning to the field of politics, public and art space, where her chaotic and pluralistic visions of corpo-reality, personal (hi)stories, stereotypes and transgressive notions of the femininity take place.
When internalized societal pressure, and abstract standards of beauty, constantly (self)applied to the living female body, are captured and materialized in Marković's artwork and thus forced to expand, deform and distort, creating a complex, incoherent totality in order to finally be substantiated or abolished.

Marina Marković was invited by BMEIA as Q21 Artist-in-Residence in January 2018.

<link http: www.marinamarkovic.com>www.marinamarkovic.com
<link http: www.q21.at artists-in-residence artists artistinfo marina-markovic>www.q21.at/artists-in-residence/artists/artistinfo/marina-markovic/

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