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Belgrade Encounters

01.09.2016 bis 10.09.2016 - Jan Arnold Gallery
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Belgrade Encounters


Belgrade Encounters

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Sa, 10.09.2016
10.00 Uhr - 22.00 Uhr
Fr, 09.09.2016
10.00 Uhr - 22.00 Uhr
Do, 08.09.2016
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Mi, 07.09.2016
10.00 Uhr - 22.00 Uhr

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Eröffnung: Do 01.09., 19h
Ort: Jan Arnold Gallery, Electric Avenue
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Belgrade Encounters – the biannual International Printmaking Workshop by the Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches invited 14 artists from 3 countries. As a part of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade the Centre is a gathering place of talented artists for creating, collecting and presenting prints in this region since 1996. Since 2001, the Centre has been opening the doors of its workshops to diverse groups of artists from different countries and continents, who meet a group of selected local artists every second year, in order to work and create prints together in traditional printmaking techniques as well as in different digital media. The nature of printmaking induced the artists to work together. The exchange of experience and knowledge, especially in the era dominated by communication networks, led to Belgrade Encounters.
The catalogue of the 8th International Printmaking Workshop shows all works of the 14 artists. Artists from Serbia: Tadija Janičić, Dušan Vrga, Milan Antić, Ksenija Pantelić, Milica Crnobrnja Vukadinović, Mina Piščević, from Austria: Andreas Nader, Peter Phobia, Olivier Hölzl and Boicut from Germany: Philipp Hennevogel, Christian Bär, Gabriela Jolowicz and Ellen Möckel.
Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade
and Centre for Graphic Arts and Visual Researches “Akademija“.


Jan Arnold Gallery



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