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Tale of Tales

13.09.2013 bis 13.09.2013 - Q21

Tale of Tales


Tale of Tales

Fri 13.09.2013, 19:00
Location: Raum D / quartier21

In the ten years Tale of Tales have been creating artistic videogames, they have noticed a declining importance of story in their work. The duo will discuss the place of story in each of their games to clarify the position and design approach, especially in terms of how it evolved over the years. The developers will end with a peak at their current and future projects: „Luxuria Superbia“, their most abstract game to date. „An empty World“, a very simple yet extensive game about flying and longing. „The Book of 8“, a re-imaging of their first project „8“.
The past 10 years have been a journey, getting closer to the essence of the medium. This also means that there is less and less to say about Tale of Tales’ games. They are more and more about experience.
Harvey and Samyn have always been reluctant to tell stories in their work. Instead they explored the stories, looked at the characters and events in them from different angles. But their real interest was always in creating environments, situations, virtual creatures. They just wanted to give people the opportunity to spend some time with these characters, in these places. Any story or meaning should come from the players. Much like the thoughts and feelings they might have when sitting under a tree or watching a sunset.
Tale of Tales respect the life forms that videogames can be. To give a player absolute control over them would be unfair. It should be a two-way relationship: you play with the game, the game plays with you.
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