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KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Tiziana Bertoncini - Incostanti Periferiche

10.06.2011 bis 02.11.2011

KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Tiziana Bertoncini - Incostanti Periferiche


KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Tiziana Bertoncini - Incostanti Periferiche KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Tiziana Bertoncini - Incostanti Periferiche

MQ KLANGHIMMEL: Tiziana Bertoncini - Incostanti Periferiche

10.06. bis 02.11., täglich 00-24h
Ort: MQ Haupthof

2011. Contemporary music. 26.04min
Violin: Tiziana Bertoncini

The Klanghimmel MQ installation aims to sculpt and redefine the space through the sounds projected by the loudspeakers, that combined with the environmental ones create a new acoustic space. Therefore, it is about rediscovering a familiar place - modifying our perception of it or shaking our sensorial habits - through "other" sounds.

In these regards, I was intrigued by the idea of using a de-contextualized sound, in particular the one of a classical instrument like the violin, which is "accidentally" also my instrument.
Consequently, "Incostanti Periferiche" is a composition, which can be somehow considered as instrumental.
Other essential aspect is to give a sense of the space even more stratified than the one given by the position of the loudspeakers, thus to create not only a horizontal, but also a vertical movement. This gives the illusion that some sounds come from farer away than their effective source, while others are like whispers in the ears.

The most remote presence - a sort of sound cupola - is an improvisation played on prepared violin. The apparitions of the sound objects model themselves on this track and they detach from it like in a high relief with different degrees of presence and transience.
- Tiziana Bertoncini

Tiziana Bertoncini
Born in Pisa, Italy in 1969. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany. Composer, performer and sound artist. Supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura Vienna.

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