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KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Michal Rataj - Cesta tam... (The Way There)

10.06.2011 bis 02.11.2011

KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Michal Rataj - Cesta tam... (The Way There)


KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Michal Rataj - Cesta tam... (The Way There) KLANGHIMMEL MQ: Michal Rataj - Cesta tam... (The Way There)

MQ KLANGHIMMEL: Michal Rataj - Cesta tem... (The Way There)

Datum: 10.06. bis 02.11., täglich 0-24h
Ort: MQ Haupthof

2011. TONSPUR 43. 8-channel composition (electroacoustic music).
17.48min. Glass inspiration: Marek Trizuljak

When I was given the commission, it was clear to me, that for the first time I would be flying somewhere between structured sound composition and sound installation, between a linear piece and something, which does not necessary request linear way of listening. In connection with the Andres Bosshard's idea of "Sound Heaven / Klang Himmel" and particularly with having Tonspur activity now in Prague in the space of Franciscan monastery, fundamental attitude has been formed, which shaped later general atmosphere of this new composition: I wanted to have sound clouds, which are able to let variety amount of "heavenly light" coming through down to us. I wanted a sound carpet, which would make me safe'n'sound on one hand and a thunder-bolt or stormy resonation which would awake me on the other. And I wanted glass to be the material which sonifies ligh to our body.
Looking back to my residency in MQ in 2004 (as a neighbour of Andres Bosshard) the piece is also kind of tribute to what I could learn there...
- Michal Rataj

Michal Rataj
Born in Písek, Czech Republic in 1975. Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. Composer, sound designer, radio producer, musicologist. Supported by Czech Centre Vienna.

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