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(cc)alpsSalon: open everything with Michel Bauwens (BEL)

11.09.2009 bis 11.09.2009

(cc)alpsSalon: open everything with Michel Bauwens (BEL)

(cc)alpsSalon: open everything with Michel Bauwens (BEL) (cc)alpsSalon: open everything with Michel Bauwens (BEL)


Fr, 11.09.2009
19.30 Uhr - 23.00 Uhr

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19:30h, Raum D / quartier21

net culture lab, Österreichische Computergesellschaft, Creative CommonsAustria and paraflows 09 present the 2nd Austrian CCSalon.
In autumn 2009 the (cc)alpsSalon in collaboration with the "net culture lab"shows the bigger picture behind free culture. Openness, whether it is open design or open innovation, it all sums up in open everything, representing the core and the ethos behind projects of this kind.
Open everything can be described as the sum of it's pieces. Platforms, blueprints, applications, media collections - although it is hard to show what emerges from this ethos, the (cc)alpsSalon launches the first attempt by providing an online mind map in order to encourage everyone to
contribute in order to make open everything understandable as it is - the seed for collaboration of various people to create something bigger.
Just a few people are able to give an satisfying answer to the question what open everything actually is. The (cc)alpsSalon therefore invited Michek Bauwens (BEL) to answer this question, giving an overview on the past and recent development of this idea, showing the potential for
everyone providing and using open materials, sources, designs - simply everything. The (cc)alpsSalon invites everyone who is looking for new inputs that makes exchange beneficial, collaboration easier and innovation possible.

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