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Jimmy A. Noriega

Jimmy A. Noriega

Bereich: Theater

© Jimmy Noriega

© Jimmy Noriega

© Jimmy Noriega

© Jimmy Noriega

© Jimmy Noriega

© Jimmy Noriega

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Fulbright Austria


März 2022 - April 2022

Dr. Jimmy A. Noriega is Associate Professor of Theatre at the College of Wooster. He has directed over fifty theatre productions in English and Spanish, including invited performances at theatres and festivals in Mexico, India, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Romania, Colombia, Peru, Canada, Belgium, Ecuador, and across the United States.
He is the founder and artistic director of Teatro Travieso/Troublemaker Theatre (www.teatrotravieso.org) and is the current President of the American Society for Theatre Research.
He is the co-editor of the books Theatre and Cartographies of Power: Repositioning the Latina/o Americas and 50 Key Figures in Queer US Theatre. His research focuses on Latinx, Latin American, and queer theatre and performance.


“A Mexican-American in Vienna: A Multimedia Theatre Encounter” 

As a Fulbright-Q21/MuseumsQuartier Artist-in-Residence, I propose to develop and stage a multimedia theatre piece that seeks to present the intercultural and historical perspectives of two populations that are not often thought of as being in dialogue. This performance will be crafted as a way to present the Mexican-American identity and viewpoint to the people of Austria and will be influenced by site-specific research and interviews conducted and related to my work in Vienna. The performance will be inspired by the historical connections between Austria and Mexico, but will be told through the intermediary of Mexican-American identity (which at its core is a transnational and transhistorical construction). This investigation and performance will question the legacy and impact of Austria’s relations with Mexico and the United States and will present an audience with a performative response to the complicated history of US-race relations and the ways that the Mexican-American community has been represented and understood abroad.

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