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Maja Hodošček

Maja Hodošček

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Still aus "Good Enough", 2019

© Maja Hodošček

Installationsansicht Dom Omladine, Belgrad 2020

© Maja Hodošček

Still aus "See me", 2019

© Maja Hodošček

Still aus "Too Easy and Too Simple", 2020

© Maja Hodošček

Still aus "Training", 2019

© Maja Hodošček

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tranzit.org / ERSTE Stiftung


Juli 2021 - August 2021

Maja Hodošček (1984) is an author of video works, installations, initiates workshops, and curates exhibitions. Her practice is research-based and experimental, focusing on performance, behavior, and modes of learning. She finished her MA at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, NL. Her work was shown widely on international group exhibitions such as Hidden Curriculum, tranzit.sk, Bratislava; Silence is Deafness Here, Gallery Podroom, Belgrade; Beyond the Globe, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, South by South East, Guangdong Times Museum, China; Pipe Dream, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Travelling Communiqué, Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade. She presented her work on solo exhibitions in Dom omladine, Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art – MSUM, Ljubljana, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery, Zagreb, ŠKUC Gallery Ljubljana, Gallery Gregor Podnar, Ljubljana, etc. In 2020 she received the national award Rihard Jakopič for artistic achievements, and in 2010 she won OHO Award.


On the residency Hodošček will continue with her research that looks at historical formation of neoliberal subjectivity and its relation to the notion of visibility. She is interested in how the awareness of being observed effects the self.  Hodošček will explore key historical examples of how business organizations collaborated with the field of psychology in order to change the mindset of workers, and working environments and how this investment led to the current production model that is dependent on performance and display of the self.  She will finalize the montage of her latest experimental video series, where she connects the invention of the self as a tool of production with image-based practice.

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