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Ivana Myšková

Ivana Myšková

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Jänner 2021 - Februar 2021

In 2007, Ivana Myšková debuted with her radio play Odpoledne s liliputem (Afternoon with a Lilliputian) and in 2012, she published her novella Nícení(Incitement), for which she was nominated for the Czech Book Award and Josef Škvorecký Award. In 2017, she published a collection of short stories entitled Bílá zvířata jsou velmi často hluchá (White Animals Are Very Often Deaf), in which she explores disgust and squeamishness with a scientific meticulousness and sarcasm. The book was nominated for Magnesia Litera Award and it was translated to Polish (Elzbieta Zimna, Wydawnictwo Dowody na Istnienie, 2018) and Slovene (Tatjana Jamnik, Polica Dubova, 2019).

Ivana Myšková has published many short stories in different Czech and foreign literary magazines, for example Host, Revolver Revue, Respekt, Souvislosti, Weles, Romano-Bohemica V (Romania), Manuskripte (Austria, translated by Doris Kouba), Ostragehege (Germany, translated by Doris Kouba), Opowiadanie (Poland), Artikulacije (Croatia) and for Ukrainian Anthology of the Contemporary Czech Short Stories. She has contributed to a book anthology of the short stories Město mezi zelenými kopci (The Town Between the Green Hills, Listen, 2018) and Rodinné příběhy (The Family Stories, Listen 2019) Now she is preparing the next short stories, the play for The National Theatre in Prague and the novel Otálení (The Delaying). 

She had received the literary residencies in Craców (International Visegrad Fund, 2013), Wannsee (Literarisches Collocquium Berlin, 2018), Broumov (České literární centrum, 2019) and finally in Ljubljana (Kulturno-umeniško društvo Police Dubove,2019).

She had readings at Conrad Festival in Craców, in Theater Brett in Vienna, at Authors’ Reading Month festival in Brno, Ostrava and Košice, at Literarisches Collocquium Berlin in Wannsee, at Festiwal Góry Literatury in Nowa Ruda and at Instytut Reportażu in Warsaw.

Since 2018 Ivana Myšková is the member of committee The Czech Writers Association (member organisation of European Writers’ Council).

Nowadays she is a freelancer. She records memories for the project Memory of Nations and cooperates with radio Vltava and prepares radio literary programmes – readings and radio documentaries, for example Mandala aktivismu (https://vltava.rozhlas.cz/mandala-aktivismu-vic-nez-dokumentarni-portret-sochare-a-neunavneho-aktivisty-8121452).

Foto: Marta Myšková


I would like to continue in writing novel with working title Otálení (The Delaying) which I started to weave at my literary residency of Literarisches Colloquium Berlin in Wannsee.

The novel Otálení will be narrated from the perspective of a young woman and her father. Both of them regret things and acts which they had ever promised but they had never finished. They are delaying first what they consider the most important.

The daughter postpones her self-realization and father his breakup with his wife. He missed a right moment when he could leave her. Now it is too late.

In these stories we can hear an echo of the tragedy of inhabitants of Pompeii and Herculaneum which had started to escape very late. The destiny of Pompeii is the analogy to our flourishing and pampered society that is refusing to restrain itself and to think about consequences.

Otálení will be partly an environmental novel about an approaching catastrophe that we are not able to avert because our prosperity comes first. The real threat is trivialized systematically.

The something similar is going on in the old apartment house near the arterial road where the daughter is living in a flat after her grandmother (her personal history will be an important part of the book too). The house desperately needs a complete reconstruction, especially reparation of plumbing. But the owners have not enough money for it because they didn’t expect any problems for many years. Finally, the cost for reconstruction will be covered by the huge advertisement over the all surface of façade. Since the time very disheartening dimness will come in many flats. And there is the danger of the pipe-bursting still. Partly a realistic and partly a symbolic novel about the uncompromising passing of time and people who are not capable of discussing and dealing with the true problems.

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