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Pavla Horáková

Pavla Horáková

Bereich: Literatur

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Jänner 2020 - Februar 2020

Published books:

  • Horáková, Pavla: Tajemství Hrobaříků, Olympia, 2010, Argo 2016
  • Horáková, Pavla; Kadlecová, Kateřina; Maxová, Pavla; Pleskotová, Kristýna; Votruba, Adam: Kecy v kleci, Plot, 2010
  • Horáková, Pavla: Hrobaříci v podzámčí, Apostrof 2011, Argo 2016
  • Horáková, Pavla: Hrobaříci a Hrobaři, Apostrof 2012, Argo 2018
  • Horáková, Pavla; Kamen, Jiří: Přišel befel od císaře pána, Argo 2015
  • Horáková, Pavla; Dostálová, Zuzana; Scheinostová, Alena: Johana, Paseka 2018
  • Horáková, Pavla: Teorie podivnosti, Argo 2018 (due in October)
  • Horáková, Pavla; Kamen, Jiří: Zum Befehl, pane lajtnant, Argo 2018

2019 Magnesia Litera Award for best work of fiction for Teorie podivnosti


I plan to finalize a novel based on the memoirs of my great-grandmother, an intelligent and observant peasant woman from South Moravia. Born in 1898, she wrote a 300-page memoir in her final years, depicting her childhood and growing up in rural Moravia, as well as her frequent travels to Vienna before WW1 to help in the households of her three elder sisters married there. She bears witness to the events of both world wars, the fate of the Jewish community in her little town, and finally life under communism. Apart from its autobiographical aspect, the memoir as a whole is also a testimony to life in the first half of the 20th century.

I have edited the text down and adjusted it linguistically for contemporary readers, while preserving the local dialect and my ancestor’s unique voice and remarkably fine prose, given the fact she had had very little formal education. Now I need to give the text an artistic composition and formal framework – to add my own voice and turn it into a dialogue of two women removed by two generations.

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