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Viktor Bernik

Viktor Bernik

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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Jänner 2019 - Februar 2019

Born 1971 in Ljubljana. Obtained MFA at Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana. Took part on several referential group exhibitions in Slovenija and exhibited internationaly. Author and Initiator of Made in China project, one of the leaders of GalerijaGallery, an artist-run gallery in Ljubljana. Lives and works in Ljubljana.

Selected solo exhibitions

Škuc Gallery, Birthday, Ljubljana, 2018

Škuc Gallery, Institution.Case study, Ljubljana, 2018

WARP, Made in China: Authentic Slovenian Art in Belgium, Sint Niklaas, Belgium, 2017

GalerijaGallery, Selfportrait, Ljubljana, 2016

Conceptual Art Centre Landskrona, Gillian Wearing & Viktor Bernik, Sweden, 2016

GalerijaGallery, Prospective, (together with: Jara Vogrič and Žiga Kariž), Ljubljana, 2016

SOX, "Ein äußerst bewegendes, brillant gespieltes Meisterwerk (...)", Berlin, 2015
Miklova hiša Gallery, Umetnost (Art), Ribnica, 2015

Cankarjev dom, Party (with Pinja Dzazna), Ljubljana, 2013

Gallery Equrna, New Works (with Žiga Kariž), Ljubljana, 2011

Alkatraz Gallery, Re-Made, Ljubljana, 2011

Pentagonal Tower, The Tower, Ljubljana, 2009

Modern Gallery (Mala Galerija), Untitled Project of Viktor Bernik, Ljubljana, 2009

Gallery Kapelica and Gallery Simulaker, Everydayness, Ljubljana, 2007

Gallery Ganes Pratt, »...Oil Stains, Rectangles and a Gunshot«, Ljubljana, 2007

Gallery Likovni salon Celje, Inside-Out, Celje, 2007

Selected Group Exhibitions

Škuc Gallery, This is Not a Name, exhibition, part of the 32nd Biennial of Graphic Arts (International Centre for Graphic Arts), Ljubljana, 2017

City Gallery Ljubljana, Better Doggy Style Than No Style, Ljubljana, 2016

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova,Art in Slovenia 2005–2015, Ljubljana, 2015

MGLC International Centre of Graphic Art, Made in China – Catwalk, performance, Ljubljana, 2014

International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC), 30th Biennial of Graphic Arts: Interruption, exhibition The Biennial of Graphic Arts –Serving You Since 1955,Cankarjev dom Gallery, Ljubljana, 2013

Gallery Mirko Mayer, Ich habe kein atelier, Köln, Germany, 2012

Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, The Present And Presence, Ljubljana, 2011

International Centre of Graphic Arts, We Want To Be Free As The Fathers Were, Ljubljana, 2010

Koroška Gallery likovnih umetnosti Slovenj Gradec, Necessary Discourse on Hysteria, 2008

Moderna Gallery Ljubljana, Museum on the Street, Ljubljana, 2008

Hotel de Ville de Bruxelles, Slovenian Painting after 1945, Bruxelles, 2008

Ganes Pratt, (Project Hosting Moderna galerija), Video Art in Slovenija after 2000, Ljubljana, 2008

Ganes Pratt Gallery, Painting Project, (Bernik, Janša, Pregl, Vrabič), Ljubljana, 2007

Moderna Gallery Ljubljana, U3- 5th Triennial of Contemporary Slovene Art, Ljubljana, 2006

Moderna Gallery Ljubljana, Territories, Identities, Nets – Slovene art 1995-2005, Ljubljana, 2005

PMMK Museum voor Moderne Kunst Oostende, The New Ten, Oostende, Belgium, 2005

Kunsthaus, The New Ten, Vienna, Austria, 2005

MKM Museum Küppersmuhle, The New Ten, Duisburg, Germany, 2005

Public Collections

National collection of Modern Gallery, Collection of International Centre of Graphic Arts, Art Collection NLB, RIKO collection


As part of my residency at the Museumquartier, I would like to realize a segment of my project under the working title of Making of. The project will be based on my previous artwork and published in book form, as well as an experimental survey exhibition. Using the book and the exhibition, I would not only like to document and present my previous work, but also create a specific narrative with and about them, creating a new work of art in the process, which would be based on the reflection, transformation, and montage of these past projects. I would like to invent an interesting form of representation, narrative, and reflection on artworks.

In addition to collecting the material for the project, I’m also interested in establishing connections for future collaborations. Since I’m involved in a lot of projects in Ljubljana, mainly concerning our GalerijaGallery program (www.facebook.com/GalerijaGallery-113225889074648), and the Made in China project (http://madeinchina-project.org), this is an opportunity to make new connections and encourage artists and partners to participate in our above-mentioned projects.


During my two months residency in MuseumsQuartier I was working on a project titled “Making of”. The project is based on my previous artworks and will be realized as an exhibition and as an artist book. For an artist book I’m inviting people of various background to contribute texts that will interpret, describe or will be inspired by my past projects. My intention is to experiment with the format of monography, and of documentation of ephemeral artworks, as well as to experiment with the format of a retrospective exhibition; for an exhibition I intend to create new works in a new context, which will be based on my previous works.

At the residency I was researching various approaches for the most efficient form of presentation of my artworks, I was also exploring the context of the city and its art scene, and I presented my work to several people, in order to get feedback and some interesting commentaries for the book. I also tried to get connections for future collaboration on my project as well as for my presentation of my new project in Vienna.

During the residency in Vienna I also made some preparations for the show “Successes and Failures” – a new edition of a group project Made in China, that was on view in Photon Gallery Wien in May 2019.

My stay in Vienna was very pleasant, inspiring and productive, I’ve met many people, artists, curators and gallerists, and I have a plan to work with some in the future. MQ, ERSTE and tranzit were of a great support and the group of fellow residents was really cool, we had much fun and many exciting moments together during these two months.

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