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Rachel Gutgarts

Rachel Gutgarts

Bereich: Animationsfilm

© Rachel Gutgarts

© Rachel Gutgarts

© Rachel Gutgarts

© Rachel Gutgarts

© Rachel Gutgarts

© Rachel Gutgarts

© Rachel Gutgarts

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Empfehlende Institution

Tricky Women / Tricky Realities


März 2019 - Mai 2019

Born and raised in Jerusalem. Graduated from the animation department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, with focus on experimental techniques, mainly animated silk screen prints. A Love Letter to the One I Made Up (graduation film, 2017) was screened at many film and animation festivals around the world, The film was awarded, among others; the Q-21 residency program at the Tricky Women Festival 2018. She has been collaborating in different projects with several independent artist-run studios in Israel and Europe. Currently based in Tel-Aviv, working as a freelance animator, editor and designer, alongside documentary filmmaking and experimental animation.


My body of work consists of experimental animation, documentary filmmaking, poetry film and
At the time of the residency I intend to continue developing new experimental animation techniques in the form of several artistic projects. Mainly, the trailer for the Tricky women / tricky realities animation festival 2020 that kindly invited me to the Q21 artist-in-residency program. The technical research involves processing classic animation through several different print and photo developing techniques including; silk screen, cyanotype, contact development, vhs. The hand made / analog print, leaves unique marks on the material. Those marks relate to the vulnerable subject of my projects. I personally feel that for a true comprehension of a complex political and cultural situation, one must look at it from the eyes of an individual, intimately, reflecting on day-to-day life. The body of my work focuses on viewing those who grew up inside a political crisis, seen as statistics of war zones and dark political regimes, as I look at them, I reflect on my own biography, my statistical existence. Currently, my main esthetic inspiration is the works of Eadweard Muybridge in the field of photographic movement research, I also draw inspiration from Israeli underground art and music scenes, and a deep historical research of my home town, Jerusalem. I combine actual documented situations with abstract animation, this is the basis of the visual and narrative world I constract. I collaborate with musician, Aviv Stern, and other musicians from the underground scene in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and worldwide.

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