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Łukasz Surowiec

Łukasz Surowiec

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© Łukasz Surowiec

© Łukasz Surowiec

© Łukasz Surowiec

© Łukasz Surowiec

© Łukasz Surowiec

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Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Juli 2019 - Juli 2019

Solo exhibitions
Kraków, Poland, Art Agenda Nova Gallery, Herbarium
Poznań, Plac Cyryla, Ambulatory
Berlin, Frankfurter Tor., W+B/*-X Berlin Warsaw Boxes
Kraków, Poland, Light House, Summer Cinema. Border
Warsaw, Poland, CCA Ujazdowski Castle Nobody Is Afraid To Die
Torun, Poland, CoCA Znaki Czasu (Center of Contemporary Art) Waitingrooom
Krakow, Poland, Bunkier Sztuki (Galery of Contemporary Art), Beggars
Katowice, Poland, CH Silesia City Center, Black Diamonds
Bytom, Poland, CCA Kronika (Center for Contemporary Art), Happy New Year III
Kalmar, Sweden, Kalmar Konstmuseum (Muzeum of Contemporary Art), Swedish Doves
Bytom, Poland, CCA Kronika (Center for Contemporary Art), Happy New Year II
Krakow, Poland, Art Agenda Nova Gallery, Project Berlin-Birkenau
Bytom, Poland, CCA Kronika (Center for Contemporary Art), Happy New Year
Krakow, Poland, Wyspianski Pavilion, I Have Never Been
Poznań, Poland Nowa Gazownia, Blemisch

Selected group exhibitions
Warszawa, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, Późna Polskość
Warszawa, NGS Zachęta, Views 2017. Deutsche Bank Award
Szczecin, TRAFO, The Wall. Art Face To Face With Borders
Warsaw, Poland, MoMA, Bread and Roses, Artists and the Class Divide
Warsaw, Poland, CCA Ujazdowski Castle (Center for Contemporary Art), Explore, Act, Sharing
Wilno, Litwa, Litexpo, Art Vilnius, Kijów, Ukraina, GogolFest, Burn Babilon
Gdynia, Museum of Emigration, Wejście od Portu
Lublin, Galeria Labirynt, Communis – renegocjacje wspólnoty
Berlin, Niemcy, Frankfurter Tor., W+B/*-X Berlin Warsaw Boxes
Londyn, England, Chelsea College, A Market of Values
Bratislava, Slovakia, Kunsthalle Bratislava, Procedures for The Head/Polish Art Today
Oslo, Norway, NoPlace, A Place Where We Could Go
Paris, France, Cité internationale des arts, Je brûle Paris
Solingen, Germany, Art Museum Solingen, Death Does Not Have the Last Word
Krakow, Poland, MOCAK, Poland – Israel – Germany: The Experience of Auschwitz
Katowice, Poland, Silesian Museum, Project Metropolis
Poznan, Poland, Piekary Gallery, White Is White And Black Is Black
Sopot, Poland, The National Art Gallery, What Hidden. Current Art from Silesia
Kochi, India, Kochi Muziris Biennale, Critical Juncture
Riga, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Survival Kit 6
Kiev, Ukraine, Culture Research Center, Lockout Visual
Warsaw, Poland, MoMA, Your City Is a Battlefield
Kraków, Poland, Muzeum PRL, Social Costs in Poland After ‘89
Poznań, Poland, Arsenał Galerry, Lokalsi
Nowy Sacz, Poland, BWA Sokół, Romantic Manifestations
Toruń, Poland, CCW (Center for Contemporary Art), Proposals for Torun 2014
Warsaw, Poland, MoMA, As You Can See - Polish Art To Day
Krakow, Poland, MOCAK (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow), Video Now
Hong Kong, City Hall Exhibition Hall, East + Europe - Eastern European Contemporary Art Exhibition
Samara, Russia, Victoria Gallery, Shiryaevo Biennale, Have the wanderers of yesterday become today’s backpackers?
Bytom, Poland, CCA Kronika (Center for Contemporary Art), Workers of The Art World Unite
Berlin, Germany, Kunst Werke, 7 Berlin Biennale
Mechelen, Belgium, De Garage, Air de Pologne
Sopot, Poland, Artloop Festival, SPA
Warsaw, CSW Ujazdowski Castle (Muzeum of Contemporary Art), Not in Place
Krakow, Poland, MOCAK (Muzeum of Contemporary Art in Kraków), Award of the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation
Gdansk, Poland, Wyspa Institute of Art, Alternativa - Labour & Leisure
Wroclaw, Poland, BWA Awangarda Gallery, 10th Geppert Competition
Berlin, Germany, Gallery Petra Vankova, (Un)Polish
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, Start Point Prize 2010


Main research hypotheses - the purpose of research:
The old socialist ideas offered an easier and prosperous life thanks to joint work, capitalism - thanks to investments. The first solution guaranteed free time in a rhythm allowing the regeneration of the body and spirit, the second promises a reward for the effort put into it. Although modernity guarantees us a completely different perspective - robotics and information are to ensure that job is not the most important driving force to survive. So why are we still working hard? My idea is to look at new, radically different solutions, according to which free time is the source of making the effort.
As part of the project, I would like to implement a series of works devoted to free time in one of the most organized and technically developed societies in Europe. I intend to go for an artistic and research trip to Vienna and conduct a series of meetings and workshops with people who are still working hard, although they don’t have to.

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