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Liese Kingma

Liese Kingma

Bereich: Clubkultur, Urban Development

Key Facts




Clubkultur, Urban Development



Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


März 2019 - März 2019

Current projects:

2016-2019- Clubcultural Intermediary, projectdeveloper (Clubcommission Berlin)
2016-2019 -Curation of the Nights- Stadt nach Acht conference (Frei(T)räume)
2018-2019 Projectleader Model Space Project : Simplifying acces to public space for young cultural actors (Funded by Senate of Culture and Europe, Musiboard-Berlin)
2016-2019 -Rave Diplomacy- Co-curation with Bogomir Doringer
2016-2017 EU Erasmus Plus- Enter the Void- (Apropiating urban space for underground youth culture)
2018-2019 Curation for Kollektiv Spieltieb- Cultural Collective Berlin
2015-2017 Black Rabbit Collective - Artcollective Amsterdam


Hogeschool van Amsterdam-Social Science and Cutural entrepeneurship 2011-2015

Current Employed by

Clubcommission Berlin 2016-2019


For the Month of March I am invited by Bogomir Doringer for the project "Dance of Urgency" to together develop and finalize a project approach for the exhibition at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space. Since 2016 I have been working together with Bogomir on the topics of Rave Diplomacy and Dance with Urgency in within the curation frameworks of the NIGHTS-Stadt nacht Acht conference, public day (Frei(T)raume (2016-2019).

My focus as a project leader for the Clubcommission Berlin is creating new urban tools for the creation of free experimental space together with Universities of Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna. This focus is rooted in the electronic underground music scene and a fascination for cultural experiment which occurs when a vacuum is created within abandoned spaces. The free spaces that are created influence citymaking and the urban renewal within cities.  The research that I am currently conducting together with the TU Berlin (Model Space Project) is focussed on creating new urban tools, which we can scan the city for the preservation of free experimental Urban Spaces throughout Europe.

During the curation of Club-culture related topics on the SN8 conference, me and Bogomir recognized that the urgency for the realisation of  free space and dancing with urgency have a mayor impact on many Clubculture related narratives and art-projects worldwide. For the Month of March we choose to deeper emerge ourselves into research and the development of new combined formats which we present during 5 International conferences, exhibitions and the curation of the public day of Stadt nach Acht (Frei(T)räume 2019.

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