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Ewa Kubiak

Ewa Kubiak

Bereich: Medienkunst

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

© Ewa Kubiak

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März 2019 - April 2019

born in 1986 in Poznan, Poland


from 2013 - assistant at Dominik Lejman’s Painting Studio at the University of Arts in Poznan
from 2013 - PhD student at the Faculty of Multimedia Communication, University of Arts, Poznan
MA Fineart, Painting, University of Arts in Poznan, 2008-12
MA Fineart, Artistic Education, Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, 2005-10

Solo exhibitions:

2018 – Are We There Yet? Ego Gallery, Poznan
2015 – On How to Lose Well, Kultivera, Tranås, Sweden
2014 – Polnische Wirtschaft (with Piotr Macha), Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan
2014 – Needed, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan (with Daria Malicka)
2013 – Utopia Inc., Silownia Gallery, Poznan
2011 - Salted Candy, Nowa Gallery, Poznan, (collaboration with Piotr Macha)
2010 – Blindness, 2B Gallery, Poznan
2009 – Quand les hiens ont peur, ils mordent, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Lyon

Group exhibitions (selected):

2017- Young Art Biennale Rybie Oko 9, Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Slupsk
2017 – Death and Other Stories, W Y Gallery, Łódź
2017 – Johnny Guitar, GlogauAIR, Berlin
2017 – Oczy w betonie, Galeria Łęctwo, Poznań 2017 - Haciendo Días, Centex, Centro de Extensión del CNCA, Valparaíso, Chile
2016 – Everything Might Come, but Doesn’t Have to Go, Up Gallery, Berlin
2016- Who Mentions Art, Buys a Round, Nowe miejsce, Warsaw
2015- The Kiosk, Ängaryds Kiosken, Tranås, Sweden
2015 - Begegnung der Bilder, ASP, Gdansk,
2015 – Maczużnik, Galeria Szara Kamienica, Kraków
2015 – Anthropology of Geometry – CSW Znaki Czasu, Torun
2014 – Job in Progress, UP Gallery, Berlin
2014 - Minimalism as a Crime Scene – CK Zamek, Poznan
2014 – LoveAidsRiotSex, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
2013 – Mom, I Really Need to Focus on My Art Right Now, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan
2013 - Impossibility vs. Self-censorship, Center for Contemporary Creation Matadero Madrid
2012 – AAAkupunktura, Kordegarda Gallery, Warsaw
2012 – North East South West, Synagogue, Poznan
2011 – Survival 9, Art Review, Wroclaw
2011 – Walter Koschatzky Kunstpreis, MUMOK, Vienna
2011 – Border, public space intervention, Miroslaw Balka’s studio
2011 – Interior, Fundacja Zielona Marchewka, Warsaw
2010 – Lazy Life, Importunate Hope, Bochenska Gallery, Warsaw
2010 – Tarzan, Stary Browar, Poznań
2009 – EndProjekt3, End, Poznań, http://endprojekt.blox.pl/htm


During the Q21 Residency program I’d like to create a performance/multimedia piece involving people I meet during the stay and who agree to take part in my project. The script to the performance will be created based on the stories of involved people and myself; merged into one narrative. Every element of the story will remain true, yet the whole piece will become fictional. The stories will concern a theme which will clarify itself during the residency. I participated in a few residency programs and it had taught me that experience driven by new environment, people or culture is crucial for my artistic process. The initial idea for the project is important and creates a sense of security, but it’s very important for me to stay open to whatever happens and to try working outside of my comfort zone.

The act of storytelling will be performed in the gallery space. Simultaneously with the performance there will be a video projection screened onto the wall behind where the performance will take place. The video will visually correspond with the narration of the performers and the ,,stage‘‘ on which the performance will take place.

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