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Selma Kulović

Selma Kulović

Bereich: Literatur

A snapshot from Selma’s course Fiction Writing Workshop: #Imagination @Creation ∞Life.

Selma reading her short story during the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop performance at Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR).

The Borders Project: a collaboration between the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop and Atlanta’s Narrative Collective. Selma participating via video at the dress rehearsal in the Goat Farm Art Center's Warhorse, Atlanta, Georgia.

The publication of the course.

Public reading as a part of NEMA magazine promotion in Sarajevo.

Dress rehearsal for the public reading at Gallery Smoje, Sarajevo. Selma with her mentor, Stacy Mattingly.

One of the first SWW’s weekly workshops at Buybook, Sarajevo.

A flyer for SWW’s performance at SARTR.


Bosnien und Herzegowina





Empfehlende Institution



April 2018 - Mai 2018

KULOVIĆ SELMA is a fiction and nonfiction writer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds an MA in English literature from the University of Sarajevo. She has been a member of the Sarajevo Writers’ Workshop since 2012, writing in both Bosnian and English. Selma has participated in various literary readings and has performed her fiction (a piece that included singing a cappella) at the Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR). Her poetry has appeared in H.O.W. Journal. Her academic paper “The Other in One: The Otherness in Golding’s Lord of the Flies” was published in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The paper has been translated to Slovene and republished.

She participated in the first Narrative Witness exchange: A Caracas-Sarajevo Collaboration under the auspices of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, where she published two short stories. She published three more stories and an article (co-authored with Nermana Česko) in NEMA magazine and has participated in its ‘Obscure Sorrows Project’. She was also a part of ‘The Borders Project’, a collaboration between the SWW and Atlanta's Narrative Collective. Their collection is currently being serialised in EuropeNow Journal. Recently, Selma has scripted, recorded, and published a course titled Fiction Writing Workshop: #Imagination @Creation ∞Life. She is currently working on her debut novel and on a drama collection as a co-author.


My goal during the residency is twofold. First: Complete a mini-collection of five short stories, focusing on the naturalised Austrians who were children when they left Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first-generation citizens, that is, Austria-born children of immigrants and refugees from BH (and other Balkan countries). I want to examine their connections to, as well as their detachments from BH, and probe into the cultural differences and perceptions through the prism of mundane moments. I plan to interview Austrians born to Austrian parents as well, in order to understand their points of view on the refugee community and their children. I believe that the cultural and generational viewpoints will be very interesting and telling.

Second: Experience Austria’s culture, history, tradition, and customs, as well as Vienna’s incontrovertible multiculturalism, all essential for completing my novel series which is based on the multiplicity of the world’s creatures, whilst probing into the social norms, moral standards, and examining the ethical dimension within its reality. To be able to write about people from various and vastly different backgrounds, I find it unequivocally vital for an author to gain a first-hand experience of that multifariousness herself.

A Portrait of a Writer-in-Residence

Selma Kulović is a fiction and non-fiction writer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. On Tuesday, 29 May, she will have a presentation at Raum D / Q21, during which she will talk about her work, previously published pieces, as well as her ongoing projects, including the so-called ‘Generation Project’ on which she is working as Q21’s Writer-in-Residence.

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