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Ervina Halili

Ervina Halili

Bereich: Literatur

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Juni 2018 - Juni 2018

March 2016 Der Schlaf des Octopus
Poetry book published by Edition Korrespodenzen Vienna, Austria
Translated from Albanian into German Language by Andrea Grill
April 2015 Amuletë
Poetry book published by Qendra Multimedia Pristina, Kosovo
Sep 2015 Crowd 97- (autobiographical essay) Poeteka, Literary Magazine Tirana, Albania
Sep. 2014. Colection Poeteka, Literary magazine
Oct 2014 Apocalipsa
Antology of Kosovarian Literature in Slovenian Language, edited by Ljubjana, Slovenia
Jurij Hudolin
Oct 2012 Praire Schooner –Literary Magazine
anthology of poetries with “Home” topic Lincoln, Nebraska
Sep 2011 Iz Pristine, s ljubavlju
Anthology of Kosovarian Literature into Serbian language Belgrade, Serbia
March 2011 Lichtungen
Anthology of new literature from Kosovo, translated into German language Graz, Austria
Sep 2009 MM - Collection of poetries – Cultural Magazine Pristina, Kosovo
2008 Vinidra
Poetry book published by AIKD –Pristina Pristina, Kosovo
2004 Trëndafili i Heshtjes
Poetry book published by Dradania, Pristina Pristina, Kosovo


Since 2013 I started to collect stories of different people, with different backgrounds, different educations, different regions. I recorded them vocally, I took pictures and I followed them personally. I collected old pictures they did not want to keep anymore, old manuscripts and memories. These stories have nothing to do with war except for one. The story of a woman aged 34 who died in March of 2016, locked in a basement because she was raped during the war. I was trying to follow her story from people of her village and some of her relatives but only indirectly. The other stories are personal, social, intimate, and none of them is fiction. They are stories I collected and I’ve seen and I’ve heard and recorded. I create a specific imagistic narration for these stories, so they remain stagnant distant pictures and only emotional information.

This year I started to write the book of their stories, only sometimes I go whenever it is needed to be amidst them and see and hear, whatever they are.

I tried to conceptualize my book, since the whole of my preoccupation is identity. Not only social or political identity. But who are we related to, cultural and biological identity also. What is inside us related to others. What are we related to conventional ethic.  The way people tell stories from their totally diverse perspective helped me understand that we are very irrational beings asking for a collective awareness, and the only reason I wanted so much to write this book is to help people see that we are not that different we think we are despite our paradigmatic complexity and completely diverse cultural and political backgrounds.    

After the war in Kosovo we had a stratified identity problem. And whoever would objectively write and research the history, people would tell their own stories, and from their totally different domains stories, you would have a mirror of what survivorship is, not locally but universally.

I am working on this topic also with video and audio and I am collaborating also with other artists I know. I would gladly continue my work in the studio you offered and I would gladly be open for any possible collaboration.  

Project proposals

  • Conversations (working title) – nonfiction short story book consists of stories collected in terrain and spontaneously. Terrain means, pubs, cafeteria, office, mountains, villages, different cities in Europe, Balkans, mosques, masjids, churches, toilet, bad,
  • All stories are narrated by different people.
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