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Ana Hušman

Ana Hušman

Bereich: Moving Image/Film/Installation

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Moving Image/Film/Installation



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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Februar 2018 - Februar 2018

Ana Hušman’s practice disassembles the structures and textures of cinematic elements through film, installation, books, sound, image and text. Hušman experiments with the possibilities of animation, documentary and fictional cinematic methods, and the possibilities of the recorded voice and its articulation. Her working process questions and plays with the positions of the amateur and the professional subject of performativity, the medium itself, and the structures that dictate and produce patterns of behavior.
She is a lecturer at the Department of Animation and New Media at the Academy of Fine Art in Zagreb, cofounder of the documentary film organization RESTART where she has been holding film education programs for children and young people for many years. Her works has been shown at festivals and exhibitions including: 9th Gwangju Biennale; 53 Oktobarski Salon, Beograd; Medienturm Gallery, Graz; On the Eastern Front, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts, Budapest; “lucy” bodig & ART ON STAGE, URA, Istanbul Stuttgarter Filmwinter; International Film Festival Rotterdam; 25 fps, Zagreb; DOK, Leipzig.


- 6 by 7 m, Gallery Forum, Zagreb 24/11 - 9/12
- Rehearsals for a film, Akademie Schloss Solitude 09/11/- 19/12
- Rehearsals for a film, Galum Umjetnička gelerija, 05/09 - 01/10 Split, curator:
  Ivana Meštrov
- A tale, with Ivan Marušić Klif, multimedia instalation, duration,: 9 min, White
  nights, Zagreb

- Almost nothing, Mali salon, MMSU, Rijeka, curator: Ksenija Orelj

- Neodređeni članovi, with Nicole Hewitt, Vida Guzmić and Ivan Slipčević, MM
   centar, Zagreb 5.12.2015.

- Postcards, with Marko Tadić ,Galerija PODROOM, 8/11 – 8/12/2013, curated
  by: Karla Pudar i Zorana Đaković
- Postcards, with Markom Tadićem, Galerija SC, 15. – 28.05., curated: Karla
   Pudar i Zorana Đaković

- Raum für Kunst und Natur, Bonn, Germany 2010
- SPACE Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2 June – 9 July 2010

- Cinemaniac 2008. MMC Luka, Pula with Dorom Katanić and Babette Mangolt
   Waldinger Gallery, Hrvatska

- According to etiquette, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, Croatia, Muštre,
  Gallery 01, Zagreb, Croatia

- Exchange or - what we did not know about amateurism, Gallery MK, Zagreb

- Icons share their wisdom, (with Lala Raščić), Artenativa, Zagreb

- C8H11N, Gallery Vladimir Nazor, Zagreb
- City on the hill, (with Lala Raščić), Foto Gallery KIC, Zagreb


-“PROJECTIONSE - Antun Motika and the legacy of experiment”, curated by:
  Branka Benčić and Sabina Salomon, ŠKUC, Jan 18, Ljubljana
- Herceg Novi Winter Salon, Herceg Novi, Montenegro (February 2018)

- When a Wave Rolls Out and the Next Has Not Yet Broken, 09/12, Akademie
- Schloss Solitude, project space Römerstraße 2A, Stuttgart, curated by: Elmar
- Good Children Gallery, Exhibition "Property of Emptiness", New Orleans, USA
-“PROJECTIONSE - Antun Motika and the legacy of experiment”, curated by:
  Branka Benčić and Sabina Salomon, MMSU, April 7- May 5, 2017, MMSU
-"Between there and there: anatomy of temporary migrations" curated by:
  Irena Bekic and Duga Mravinac 27. 1. - 19. 3. 2017., MMSU Rijeka

- Guangdong Times Museum, Exhibition "South by Southeast. A Further  Surface", Guanghzou, China (20/3-8/5/2016)
- Croatian Pavilion at 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture; 'We Need It – We
  Do It' (5.28. - 27.11.) Authors of the pavilion: Miranda Veljačić, Dinko
  Peračić, Slaven Tolj, Emina Višnić
- 56th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia (10/2016)
- RETROPERSPECTIVE – These Works Could Be…, February 1 – 21, 2016,
   PM, Gallery and Ring Gallery, curated by: S. Ban, T. Hatadi, A. Rašić;

- Osage Art Foundation / Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, Exhibition South by
  Southeast (7/3-3/5/2015)

- Borroworrob, In Search of Simetry, exhibition, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia
- A table! -Representation of Food and Meal in Art, exhibition, Mie Prefectura
  Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (1/3-6/5/2014)
-“Ofsajd/Umetnost u nedozvoljenoj poziciji”, Gallery Poodrum, Cultural Centre
  of Belgrade (3/7-26/7/204)
- Borroworrob, In Search of Simetry, exhibition, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia
- A table! -Representation of Food and Meal in Art, exhibition, Mie Prefectural
  Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan (1/3-6/5/2014)
- Artvision Project WP5 “Art In Port”, “Coexistence: For A New Adriatic
  Koine”:Tirana, Albania - Piramide (1/8/-24/8/2014);
- Cetinje, Montenegro National Art Gallery, New Gallery (5/9-1/10/2014);
- Rijeka, Croatia – Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti (20/11-6/12/2014);
- Venice, Italy Magazzino del Sale (20/12/2014-18/1/2015);
- Polignano a Mare, Italy – Fondazione Pino Pascali (31/1-1/3/2015)
- CreArt European Exhibition “White Noise, Black Words”: Vilnius, Lithuania
- Zagreb, Croatia (1/9-20/9/2014);
- Harghita County, Romania (3/10-30/11/2014)

- Women Commentators, exhibition, Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation, Center for
  Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
  (31/10-30/11/2013),kkuratorice; Leonida Kovač i Anna Walewska
- Toliko pitanja, performace with Alenom i Nenadom Sinkauz, u sklopu projekta
  BADco “Pri-rodu treba graditi”
- Nam June Paik Art Center, exhibition "Again-st", South Korea (6/2-16/6/2013)
- WE ARE HERE 3, International Exhibition of Visual Arts, Pula (11/9-2/9/2012)
- October Salon, Belgrade (September – October 2012)
- Conte[s|x]ting SPORT Split-2012, Conference for more Inclusive, Diverse and
   Sustainable Sport (1/3-3/3/2012)

- Art kino Croatia, Rijeka (23/9/2011)
- Perepetuum mobile, exhibition in the frame of the conference The Red
  Min(e)d, (13/10-16/10/2011)
- On stage: narrative and performance in contemporary Croatian video,
   Künstlerhaus Wien, Videogalerie(18/11-4/12/2011)
- CAMP 2011. - Creative Arts and Music Project, Zagreb
- CAMP 2011. - Creative Arts and Music Project, Karlsruhe
- Radoslav Putar Award, Gallery Galženica, Velika Gorica
- Again and Again and Once More – Latitudes, exhibition, Medienturm Gallery, 
  Graz, Austria, 28/05-27/06/2011, curated by: Sabine WInkler
- Važno je zvati se Ana”, kurirala: Ana Šerić, Galerija VN, Zagreb,
- SURROGATE OF REALITY - 50 years of Croatian animation, curated
   by: Marta Kiš and Karla Pudar, 09.06.-03.07.2011.

- Visura aperta / Momiano 10, Festival vizualnih i audio medija, Momjan,
  curated Davorka Vucic Sneperger
- PLATFORM3 - Project spaces for contemporary art, Munich,
   20 February 2010
- On the Eastern Front. Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe 1989;
  2009, exhibition, Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Arts / ACAX, Budapest,
  Hungary, 22 January - 7 March 2010
- AKTO festival for contemporary arts, Bitola,Curator: SLOBODNE VEZE
  (Loose Asociations) – Natasha Bodrozic and Ivana Mestrov
- TRANSFORMATIONA/ MAPPING THE CITY 3, Pecs, Hungary, curated by:
   Branka Benčić

- Le Fresnoy, Videos Europa, Paris; France
- Transitland Europa 2009, exhibition, Sofia, Budapest, Berlin

- SPAPORT, International Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, It's raining
  outside, but I don't believe that it is, curated by: Ana Nikitović, Banja Luka,
  Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Art Laboratory Berlin, Subjective Events, Sometimes Recorded, curated by:
  Elena Sorokina, Berlin, Germany
- Croatia first minute, Avesta Art 2008, Sweden, curated by: Jasna Jakšić and
  Vesna Mestric
- “lucy” bodig ; ART ON STAGE, URA, Istanbul, co-curated by Derya Demir and
   Aylin Kalem, <link http: www.lucy-project.blogspot.com>www.lucy-project.blogspot.com

- D-NEFF 2007, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
- 0013 gallery, Helsinki, Finland
- Locating indentity: Young Croatian Video Artist, Gallery MC, New York, USA;
  curated by: Branka Benčić
- Dubrava art life, Gallery Vladimir Filakovac, Zagreb, curated by Svebor Vidmar
- The Art Happens Here, Art radionica Lazareti, Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik, part
  of the artist residency program at the iCommons Summit
- Mapping of the town, MMC Luka, Pula, Croatia, curated by: Branka Bencic
- Woman @ crossroad of ideologies, HULU Split, Croatia, curated by: Ana Peraica
- Performing the Space II, Drustvo athitekata Zagreb, Croatia

- Normalizacija, posvećeno Nikoli Tesli, izložba prijedloga za anti-spomenik
  Nikoli Tesli, Gallery “Nova”;28th Salon of Young artists, HDLU, Zagreb
- Turn On, Turn In, Drop Out, 12th International festival of Computer Arts,
  curated by Dunja Kukovec, Kulturni Inkubator, Maribor
- It's a Playtime!, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, curated by Irena Cercnik
- TECHNE 06, International platform on digital performance, Istanbul

- Freedom to creativity! festival of free culture, science and technology,
  Tiskara "Borba", Zagreb
- Das haus, Der Laden, Berlin
- Temporary office of Invisible Zagreb, with Platforma 9.81, Gallery Nova,
- Insert - retrospective exhibition of artists’ film and video from 1960 to the
  present Museum of Contemporary Art, curated by Tihomir Milovac, Zagreb,
- In place of place, 5th Urban Festival, Zagreb
- XXII Biennal of Young Artists, Naples
- Croatian selection for the Mediterrenean Bienal of young artist, MMSU,;Rijek
- PEER ECONOMIES, Gallery Nova, Zagreb 

- coded cultures, Museumquartier, Wien,curated by Dunja Kukovec
- Decentralizacija, Plan Program, with Ivan Slipcevic and Blaz Habus,
  Velesajam kulture, SC, Zagreb,
- Salon of Young artists, HDLU, Zagreb
- U prvom licu, HDLU, Zagreb, The artist first-person speech shown on the
  examples of Croatian contemporary art, from 1960 to the present, curated
  by Iva Radmila Jankovic
- International Biennial of young artists, Vršac
- Side-effects, Salon Museum of Contemporary Art, Beograd
- Visura aperta / Momiano 04, Festival vizualnih i audio medija, Momjan,
  curated by Nicole Hewitt and Davorka Vucic Sneperger
- Share, Ljubljana, Gallery P74, curated by Dunja Kukovec
- Staying or leaving, Art Pavillion, Zagreb
- The Independents, g39, Cardiff
- Staying or leaving, Kunsthaus, Graz, curated by Sandra Krizic - Roban and
  Christine Frisinghelli, Internationall Photo Show 2004, collaborative project
  of Hrvatski fotosavez, Zagreb,Camera Austria, Graz, and steirischer herbst

- On my Tram Stop, Urban Festival, Ad hoc 1, Zagreb
- Much too much, Art Pavillion, Zagreb, curated by Tihomir Milovac and Vlado
- RE)SOURCES, New Media and Young Croatian Artists, Gallery Galženica, V.

- Superflex mamachanell featuring, Broadcasting dedicated to Nikola Tesla,
  Tehnički Muzej, Zagreb, curated by WHW
- START, Ljubljana Mestna Gallery, curated by WHW
- Femisfera festival, Poreč, javni prostor i nekorišteni atelier Krune Vrgoča,
  curated by Silva Kalcic and Leila Topic
- International Biennial of young artists, Vršac, curated by Jovan Cekic
- Urbani festival, Treća smjena, Zagreb, prostori dućana, Diona Shoebeedoo,
  NAMA, Lewis, Iris
- PHOTO 2002 - The world will never be the same, Contemporary Croatian
  photogrphy and Video, venue: De Bagagehaaal, Amsterdam, curator Vladimir
- Video Gallery, Zagreb, curated by Tea Skokic and Leila Topic 

- 34 Zagreb salon, HDLU, Zagreb, curator Emese Suvez

- Break 21, Ljubljana, curator Dunja Kukovec

For more information on her CV;please see:


<link http: www.anahusman.net>www.anahusman.net

Ana Hušman
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