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Bojana Bregar

Bojana Bregar

Bereich: Film, Theorie

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Film, Theorie



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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Jänner 2018 - Februar 2018

Bojana Bregar is a freelance film critic, writer and curator of film programmes. She was born in Slovenia where she studied philosophy and cultural sociology at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. During her studies in 2007 she began working as an assistant of the film programme director at the programming department of Slovenian Cinematheque. In 2014 she co-founded the Kraken Short Film Promotion Society, that became a platform for many previously marginalised film authors in Slovenia. She organized and curated various short film programmes and events with her colleagues, among them »Europe in Short« programme at the Ljubljana International Film Festival and a series of short film events called »Kratki!« at the Slovenian Cinematheque. She also helped establish and organise the FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival in 2015. At FeKK she is a member of programming team as well as the head of the industry events. From 2009 she is a film critic and writer at Ekran, one of the oldest film magazines in Europe, where she is a member of the editorial staff. In her work she is most interested about contemporary cinema and its socio-cultural context, as well as larger historical and ideological implications of the developments in the modern cinema movements.

Film Curatorship from 2009 – present
Slovenian Cinematheque (2007- present);
Slovenian film festival (2014-2016);
Kraken Short Film Promotion Society (2014-present);
FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival (2014-present);
“Europe in short” section at Ljubljana International Film Festival (2016-present);

Writing and film criticism from 2009 - present
Ekran magazine for film and televison, Slovenian Cinematheque (2009-present);
Kinotečnik, Slovenian Cinematheque (2007 – present);
Dialogi magazine for culture and society, Aristej Publishing (2013 – 2015);
Kino! magazine for cinema and cinematic. (2015 – present);
Delo daily newspaper (2016 – present);
FilmFlow film and popular culture podcast (2014-present)

Retrospective »Cult Slovenian Cinema«, Slovenian Cinematheque & Slovenian Film Archive, 2016
Podcast series »IndieFlow: History of American Independent Cinema«, 2016-2017
»Ekran Forum«, Future of Slovenian Cinema discussions, Ekran Magazine, 2017

Luksuz Film Festival, Krško, 2014
Ljubljana International Film Festival, 2015

Bojana Bregar


Writing for the "Shaping Democracy!" exhibition at frei_raum Q21 exhibition space (theoretical approach)

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