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Tony Maslić & George Marcou

Tony Maslić & George Marcou

Bereich: Medienkunst, Digitale Kunst, Installation

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Serbien/Niederlande, Zypern


Medienkunst, Digitale Kunst, Installation

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Dezember 2015 - Jänner 2016

Tony Maslić
(b. 1970, Breda, the Netherlands) has been working in a multitude of various media and disciplines. Throughout his work he has explored the relationship of space with politics, social economics, psychology, urbanism, pre- and post war social conflicts, violence, propaganda, cultural identity, group behavior, consumerism and effects of Capitalism. He has participated since 1994 in 39 group exhibitions, art biennials and events in Holland, Serbia, Canada, Mexico, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Czech Republic, Italy and Canada. He did 3 Solo Exhibitions in Cyprus, the Netherlands and Serbia. Most recently he participated at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014 presenting Cyprus, in collaboration with George Marcou.
Tony Masli initiated, organized and curated 9 international multidisciplinary exhibitions and events in several European countries. In addition he formed an international underground network for artists, 'Noise of Coincidence', which provided for starting artists a platform for exhibitions, theory & discussions, and collaborations. For the last 9 years he is teaching at universities in Nicosia and Famagusta in the fields of Architecture, Design, Interior Architecture, and Visual Arts & Visual Communication. He academically researched and published the transition from stationary to mobile production in various arts disciplines focussing on the consequences of technology on cultural production, locally and globally and its forecasted impact on society.
Tony Masli received a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL) and finished his MA in Media and Communication from the University of Nicosia (CY) Throughout his professional career he kept loyal to his love and dedication for architecture.
He produced research and presentation models. He was part of design teams for several prominent offices in Rotterdam and Nicosia. Participated in architectural competitions and cooperated closely with several architects and offices scattered throughout Europe. He cocreated short documentaries about architects and artist who are working in the territories between Art and Architecture and published them as early experiments of streaming media on internet in mid 1990's. Currently he is diving into coding where he intent to connect his ideas from a digital virtual realm back to the physical world.

Selected Exhibitions
Group Shows and Events in Holland, Serbia, Canada, Mexico, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium,Germany, Iceland, Czech Republic, Italy and Canada.
Solo Exhibitions in Cyprus, the Netherlands and Serbia
• Official exhibitor at the Pavilion of the Republic of Cyprus, La Bienniale di Venzia, 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Artistic Director: Rem Koolhaas, Title: Fundamentals Curators: Michael Hadjistyllis & Stefanos Roimpas
Installation: part of Anatomy of the Wallpaper. Title installation: “the End of the Cyprus Pound, Reflections on a Shredded Economy” In collaboration with George Marcou (CY) Location:Palazzo Malipiero, Venice, Venice, Italy
• Installation, Interior project, Tile: “Space Inversion”, during the film festival; Images and Views of Alternative Cinema, Location: Theatre Ena, Nicosia, Cyprus.
• Installation. Title:”Machine Poetry” during: “Remake” Festival, Invited by Alexander Zaklynsky
• Performance, Part of a performance in cooperation with Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir(IS), Joseph Mazola(F) and Alexander Zaklynsky(US/IS) Location: Dum Umeni Mesta, Brno, Czech Republic
• Installation. Title:”a Glimpse of the Machine” part of first representation of Cyprus in Iceland during:
Location: Reykjavik Art Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
• Installation. Title: “Lost” Solo exhibition, Location: Stoa Aeschylou, Nicosia, Cyprus
• Performance in collaboration with Vanja Kucina(RS).
Location: Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Event: Lost Highway Expedition.
• Group exhibition Construct/deconstruct.
Installation: Fragmented realities or the failure of dreams 2
Location: Observatoire 4, Montreal, Canada.
• Title: “Censored”. Installation during the Yugoslav Biennial of young artists.
Location: Cityhall of the Municipality of Vrsac, Serbia & Montenegro
• Installation. Title: Fragmented Realities or the failure of dreams 1, during a group exhibition;
Construct / Deconstruct, location A-Space Gallery, Ontario, Toronto, Canada
• Installation Title ‘National Identity, or the failure of reality’ during: ‘Noisecrossings’ Location old shops,
at the Phaneromeni district, Nicosia, Cyprus. Group exhibition. A NOC 3.4 happening.
• Solo Exhibition. Title of exhibition; ‘trigger / okidac’. Location; “Konkordia”, Vrsac, Serbia and Montenegro (SCG). Consisting 6 installations, themes were conflicts and war. Used media; 3 dimensional installations/ video / DVD works / presentation of a previous project / presentation of NOC to the people and institutes of SCG
• Noise 5.0, group exhibition: Escrubir the Europe.
‘artwork¨, Title: ‘Violince’ Location: Morellia, Mexico.
• 348° Azimuth, video installation, during ‘NOISEOBSESSION’, a NOC 3.3 happening.
Location; S.P.E.L.L.-building, Nicosia, Cyprus

Academic Publication

• Maslic, A.D. (2015). Down the Rabbit Hole - Up the Maelstrom: Shaping the Digital Landscape to Change Contemporary Art. in M. Hajimichael (Ed.), Art & Social Justice: The Media Connection (pp. 83-94).

George S. Marcou
George (born 1971 Gabrovo, Bulgaria) is an Architect involved in Architectural projects of various scales, both local (Cyprus) and international, whilst also exploring various forms of digital technologies such as 3d modelling, 3d printing, parametric modelling, photography and their applications in Architecture, Industrial Design and Art.
He participated in design teams for Architectural projects like the Larnaca International Airport with A.D.P ( Aeroports de Paris, France); the New Limassol Port's Passenger Terminal (currently under construction), the New Nicosia Town Hall (currently under construction) and the Cyprus National Archive (with irwin.kritioti architecture, Nicosia, Cyprus).
George Marcou was part of the Architect's design team (with Dickon Irwin and Margarita Kritioti) awarded the first prize of the Architectural Competition for the New Limassol Port Passenger Terminal in 2004, which is estimated to be completed within 2016.
He has organized, in collaboration with the CCEAA (The Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects Association), a series of lectures titled from Sketch to Reality in order to promote better collaboration between professionals of the local building industry.
He was selected as member of the competition jury for the Architectural competition for the design of the New Dasoupolis Lyceum in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Recently he is collaborating with Artist Tony Maslic (RS/NL) on projects that explore the boundaries of Architecture, Art and Technology.

Selected exhibitions:
Official exhibitor at the Pavilion of the Republic of Cyprus, La Bienniale di Venzia, 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Artistic Director: Rem Koolhaas, Title: Fundamentals
Curators: Michael Hadjistyllis & Stefanos Roimpas Installation: part of 'Anatomy of the Wallpaper' installation: “the End of the Cyprus Pound, Reflections on a Shredded Economy” In collaboration with Tony Maslic (RS/NL) Location:Palazzo Malipiero, Venice, Italy

Tony Maslić & George Marcou: Symphony for Accidental Encounters

Installation im SCHAURAUM Angewandte

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