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Magnus Sodamin

Magnus Sodamin

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

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Norwegen, USA


Bildende Kunst


Coral Gables (FL)

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Juni 2015 - Juni 2015

Magnus Sodamin was born in Manhattan, New York in 1987. He spent one year training at the Nansenskolen (Nansen Academy) in Lillehammer, Norway and received his BFA from the New World School of the Arts, Miami in 2012. Sodamin's work has been featured at group exhibitions staged in Lillehammer and throughout Miami including the 2012 BFA exhibition held at the Cisneros-Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), the 2010 Lotus House Women's Shelter Fundraiser at the Margulies Collection, two consecutive group exhibitions at Primary Projects in 2012 and a solo exhibition titled “Into the rainbow vein” in 2014. Recently his work was acquired in the permanent collection of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. He also recently completed a large scale mural at Jose de Diego middle school to raise money for the art program so that the students there could hire an art teacher. It was over a hundred feet in length and completed within 5 days. He is currently artist in residence at the Deering Estate for one full year. Sodamin lives and works in Miami, where he is represented by Primary Projects.

Artist Statement

Lush volumes of spontaneous creativity, calculated exploration and spiritual inquiry inform the work of Miami-based artist Magnus Sodamin. Reinvigorating the vibrant, passionate gestures and thought processes of abstract expressionist painting while inhabiting colors and movements reflecting a highly saturated contemporary environment, Sodamin is curious, contemplative, angry and irreverent all at once with his practice. A slew of contradictions are active for Sodamin; wrestling with light and dark elements, joyous and despairing spaces, and bold and innocent questions. Sodamin’s interest in the physicality of natural ephemera and how it manifests in real time are present and accounted for in a medium older that both written and spoken human communication. If power resides in the image, Sodamin attempts to harness a small particle of its danger and wonder in each painted experiment.

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Magnus Sodamin


Während des Aufenthalts wird der Künstler an den Werken für eine Ausstellung in der PERFEKT BOX arbeiten, welche am dritten Samstag des Monats stattfindet.
Genaues Themenfeld und weiteres ergibt sich aber erst in der Konzeptionsphase vor Ort.

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