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Natalja Kljutscharjowa

Natalja Kljutscharjowa

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April 2014 - Mai 2014

Natalja Kljutscharjowa, 1981 in Perm geboren, studierte in Jaroslawl und arbeitet heute als Redakteurin der Moskauer Zeitschrift Pervoe sentjabrja (Erster September). Seit 2002 veröffentlicht sie Lyrik und Prosa und erhielt 2008 den Juri-Kasakow-Preis. Zwei ihrer Romane wurden ins Deutsche übersetzt - Endstation Rußland und Dummendorf (Suhrkamp Verlag). Sie lebt in Abramzewo bei Moskau.


I plan to finish a children's book and to work on my new novel about women-volunteers and the volunteer movement in Russia.


I come from the country with the totally different culture and it was very interesting for me and very useful for my job to just walk around the city and watch people on the streets: how they speak to each other, how they behave in their everyday life and how that life is organized. I've made a lot of observations witch helped me to understand the way of Europe, the place of Russia and different variants of our common and individual future.
I was in Vienna with my little daugther, that's why I spent a lot of time on the playgrounds. The observations I've made there are extremely important for the project I'm working at for many years: discovering the roots of Russian political authoritarism in the family life, in the relations between parents and children.
The style of parenting in Europe is absolutely different than in Russia. And it was very important for me to learn more about it not only for my writer's but also for my mother's job. Because in Russia when you try to stop reproducing the authoritarian scenario in your own family you have nothing to rely on and you have to fight all alone against the whole System...       
Also during my stay in Vienna I was working on a book of tales. And many of my Vienna impressions were integrated in that text. For example one of the characters in this book was inspired by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.  

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