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Jérôme Fino

Jérôme Fino

Bereich: Klangkunst, Medienkunst, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Urban Music © Jérôme Fino

Urban Music © Jérôme Fino

Urban Music © Jérôme Fino

© Jérôme Fino

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Klangkunst, Medienkunst, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum



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August 2014 - August 2014

Jérôme Fino, born in 1981, is a video artist based since 3 years in Marseille (France). He’s filming and working with other artists, in particular musicians including through its series “Eyes for ears” (since 2009). His practice questions the public space and the sound space by different approaches, intrusive, activists, contemplatives which fully questioning these words of John Cage “sound is enough? What do I need more?”
Between “listening sight” and “Augmented land-art “ it’s by practices and experiences that Jérôme Fino diverts, makes visible, gives or changes the direction of our surroundings by creating, using and combining an object, an image, a sound.

Exhibitions, Projects (Selection):
«Sound washing machine», The wa' house, Berlin 2013
«Petites Résistances» Hans-Peter-Zimmer Foundation, Dusseldorf 2013
«CCrash TV» in collaboration with Yann Leguay, Festival Sonic Protest, Paris 2013
«Macro-Live#03» avec Arnaud Rivière, Imaginarium, Lille 2012
«Rock the block» Backjump Issue, Berlin 2012
«18mm/s» Galerie des Grands Bains Douches de la Plaine – Art Cade. Marseille 2012
«Désert-Vidéo» Festival Désert-Numérique, Saint-Nazaire-le-Désert 2012
«macro-vidéo pour musicien en 4:3» HS-63, Bruxelles 2012
«Macro-Static#03» with Yann Leguay, Sight&Sound Festival, Galerie EasternBloc, Montréal 2011
«Working Holidays» currator Otto-Prod, Pekarna, Maribor 2011
«Relaxation Situationnelle» in collaboration with The Wa, Marseille 2011
«Beau Delay» Galerie de la Marine, Nice 2011
«Screening Battle#01» programation vidéo avec Brad Downey & The Wa, Pixel, Copenhague 2010
«Macro-Live#02» avec Arnaud Rivière, Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, 2010


Urban Music
Sound installations in the city of Vienna : using holes in public architectures for plugging speakers inside and connecting them to make several sound systems !

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