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Dora Budor

Dora Budor

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Kroatien, USA




New York

Empfehlende Institution

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL


Juli 2013 - Juli 2013

Distaster Scenarios, Club Midnight, Berlin (upcoming show)
New Lavoro, Pallazzo Peckham at Venice Biennale, IT
Skin That Drinks, Perfect Present, Kopenhagen, DK
“Dear D+M”, Arcadia Missa, London, UK


“BodySurfing”, Stadium Gallery, New York, US*
"Knockoff”, Oktoberdans, BIT Teatergarasjen / Bergen Kunsthalle, Norway (performance)*
"Knockoff”, Ganz New Festival - International Festival of Young Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia (performance)*
"Knockoff”, Tanzfabrik/KunstRaum Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (performance)*
“Memory Foam”, Spring Break Art Show, New York, US (performance and exhibition)*
"Universal Appeal”, CEO gallery, Malmo, Sweden*

"Mobile Phones Treatment’, ‘Sp33dGuided Art Tour’ (performances), Performing Europe, Szene Salzburg, Austria*
"Substitutes for Present Sense", Performing Europe, Szene Salzburg, Austria*
"Substitutes for Present Sense", Cultural centre GRAD, European Center for Culture and Debate, Belgrade, Serbia*
"Life is Full of Important Choices", Booklyn Artist Alliance, New York, US*


"OD", The Attic at One Thoresby Street, London, UK, 2013
"Dry Wipe", curated by Candice Jacobs, Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK, 2013
"Faceless", curated by Bogomir Doringer and Brigitte Felderer, MuseumsQuartier Wien, Austria, 2013
"Post-Body Projections", 0gms, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013
"Dis Images", curated by DIS magazine, Suzanne Geiss Company, New York, 2013
“From Me 2 U, From U 2 Me” curated by Parker Ito, project for “Untitled” Art Fair, Miami Art Basel, 2012
“Plausible Manner”, curated by Jaakko Pallasvuo, Titanik gallery / Turku Modern Museum, Finland, 2012
“Web Biennial 2012”, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, 2012
“That Can Be My Next Status”, Window Gallery, Auckland, Australia, 2012
“Brand Innovations for Ubiquitous Authorship”, curated by Artie Vierkant, Higher Pictures, New York, 2012
“Important Things”, curated by Rachel de Joode, Interstate Projects, New York, 2012
“Bad Girls of 2012”, curated by Jamie Sterns, Interstate Projects, New York, 2012
“Synthetic vertigo: 002 Eye Rubs”, curated by Deltakame, Elaine, Basel, Switzerland, 2012
“Its hardly softcore”, curated by Janus Høm & Mikkel Carl, BKS Garage, København, Denmark, 2012
“Next Time“, performance festival curated by Colin Self, White Box, New York, 2012
“Gifpumper Project“, Eyebeam Studios, New York, 2012
“twothousandtwelve“, CEO gallery, Malmo, Sweden, 2011
“Radoslav Putar Award Finalists“, Galženica Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011
“Black & White & Read All Over”, NP Contemporary Art Center, New York, 2010
“Dimensional Rip 5”, Wazee Union, Denver, Colorado, 2010
“Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean”, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 2009
“Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean”, Puglia, Italy, 2008
The 40th Zagreb Salon, Zagreb, Croatia, 2007
"Interactive", SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2007
"Neighbourhood", Gallery "Miroslav Kraljevic", Zagreb, Croatia, 2007

- 100 Artists To Watch, Modern Painters magazine
- Finalist for Radoslav Putar Award, Best Young Artist, Institute for Contemporary Art – SCCA, CRO
- Newcomer Artist for Performing Europe, participant in Advancing Performing Arts Project 2011–2016, Szene Salzburg, AT
- Wallpaper magazine: Next Generation, nominated by Stefan Sagmeister
- Young Guns 7 Award, Art Directors Club, New York, US
- New Visual Artist Award 2009, Print magazine, US

- American Medium / Dumbo Projects, Artist in Residence, New York, USA, 2012
- Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios, Artist in Residence, Berlin, DE, 2012
- Advancing Performing Arts Project APAP 2011 – 2016, grant for upcoming artist, AT, 2011-2012
- Ministry of Economy, Labour and Enterpreneurship Croatia, grant for new production, CRO, 2011
- Tony Kushner Grant, SVA, New York, US, 2010
- Office of Cultural Affairs of Zagreb City, Zagreb, Croatia, grant for exhibition production, CRO, 2010
- Croatian Ministry of Culture, grant for exhibition production, CRO, 2010
- Office of Cultural Affairs of Zagreb City, grant for exhibition production, CRO, 2009


2011 - Columbia University School of The Arts, New York, Visual Arts - MFA New Genres (certificate not gained)
2003 - 2008 School of Design (Visual Communications Department), Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, CRO, Master of Fine Arts in Design
2003 - 2006 School of Architecture, University of Zagreb, CRO, 3 years of Architecture Studies

Dora Budor

Instagram: @dorabudor


At MuseumsQuartier I will be presenting the project „New Lavoro“, which has premiered at Pallazzo Peckham for 55th Venice Biennale.
Reality show "New Lavoro" will be shown in full in exhibition „FACELESS part II“ curated by Bogomir Doringer, as well as part of FrameOut festival screening programme. „New Lavoro” is an extensive project that consists of reality show video, curated group show that involves selection of international artists (Brad Troemel, Josh Kline, Debora Delmar Corporation, Toke Lykkeberg and Janus Hoem/Generousability), publication (done in collaboration with James Schaeffer/Elena Michael), soundscape (in collaboration with 9 music artists) fashion collection (in collaboration with EckhausLatta) and installation. 'New Lavoro' is dedicated to exploring relations between creative industry workers and aspirational lifestyles operating behind the curtains of current sustainable economies, as well as modes of art production in the contemporary era. The art reality show, which is part of it, takes different approach than other reality shows; experiments with production in extreme living conditions; minimum budgets, borderline use of materials that are ‘non-artistic’, theft or misuse of commercial resources and immaterial production, testing the boundaries of how we can produce art in time of economical crisis and material overload. For the reality show, 18 upcoming NYC-based artists were casted and performed 7 different assignments through 7 days, each judged by a guest (Xavier Cha, Andrew Norman Wilson, Keren Cytter, Brian Droitcourt, Jamie Sterns, Frank Benson, Brad Troemel), after which the winner of the show becomes a performer and the main face in the project 'New Lavoro' in situ in Venice.

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