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Péter Szabó

Péter Szabó

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

drawing © Péter Szabó

installation © Péter Szabó

installation © Péter Szabó

object © Péter Szabó

public © Péter Szabó

video © Péter Szabó

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Bildende Kunst



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tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


Mai 2012 - Mai 2012

Péter Szabó (Tirgu-Mures, Romania, 1978) lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

Founding member of Protokoll Studio from Cluj and of the noise-music bands Alergische Platze and Ovekk Finn.

His present work focuses on the social and economic value of art, creating public-art events, community building and educational projects.

He makes objects and drawings, creates situations and documents them. His work is distinguished by an analyzing interest in everyday reality and critical reflection of the present.


Last Two Years

Nowadays I am working on projects with social, political and economical connections, frequently approaching them trough situations from my personal life.

In the last two years the country where I live became a strange place, where besides the undemocratic way of conduction, you can find hilarious and absurd things happening, what you are not able to believe.

I'm planning to make a drawing-book, collecting, documenting, analyzing the happenings of the last two years. These drawings will deal with political pressure, social exclusion, political image building, and economical questions in concrete and explicit way.

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