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Anna Fabricius

Anna Fabricius

Bereich: Fotografie / Video

groups © Anna Fabricius

groups © Anna Fabricius

groups © Anna Fabricius

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Fotografie / Video



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Juli 2012 - August 2012

2008-: Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, DLA scholarship
2003: Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, scholarship
2002: Ioan Andrescu Art University, Cluj - Napoca, Romania, scholarship
2000-2005 Hungarian University of Arts and Design, photo department, Budapest

2010: ParisPhoto, State Section by Raday Gallery, Paris
2010: Festival Europe, „Modernización“, Barcelona
2010: PHotoespana, „Modernización“ Openphoto, Cuenca
2010: „Live Sync“, Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Expo, Shanghai, China
2010: Relations, Deak Collection, Szekesfehervar, Hungary
2009: EUROPE: In between document and fiction, Bucarest, Romania
2008: BACKLIGHT’08, Galerie FLUSS, Wolkersdorf, Austria
2008: Stalking Utopia, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros, Hungary
2008: Men at Work, Dom Fotografie, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia
2008: Zeitgenössische Fotokunst aus Ungarn, Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen
2008: Zeitgenössische Fotokunst aus Ungarn,Hallescher Kunstverein
2008: Zeitgenössische Fotokunst aus Ungarn , Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin
2007: Imaginary Paradise, IMPEX, Budapest
2007: Exibitionwith ElekJudit, Kudasz Gabor Arion, Vintage Gallery, Budapest
2007: Lodz Photosensitive Space, Lodz Art Center, Poland
2007: Pecsi Jozsef Photography Award, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest
2007: Contemporary Fineartist from Hungary, Art Center, Moscow
2006: Photomatrix, Collegium Hungaricum, Austria
2006: Pseudo Documents, Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest
2006: I Image, Bratislava, Slovakia
2006: Privat matter?, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2005: Fieldworks, Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely
2005: I-Image, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
2004: Dokumentum6, Photomonth 2004, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest

2010: Cavalrymen and Equestrienes, Photomonth2010, Bratislava
2009: „A“ Group, Raday Gallery, Budapest
2007: Hungarian Standard, Lodz Photofestival, Poland
2007: Get a new for Homo Sapiens!, Hungarian Institue of Prague, Czech Republic,
(with Tibor Gyenis)
2006: Saints and Tigers, Galeria Ostrava, Czech Republic
2006: Tigress of Housekeeping, Körút Festival, Budapest
2005: Cavalrymen and Equestrienes, Lumen Gallery, Budapest

2008-2009: Art-Universitas Programme with Gyenis Tibor  www.camra.hu
2008-: MOME  DLA scolarship
2008: BACKLIGHT’08, International Photodialogue – speaker, Museum Quartier, Wien
2008: Men at Work,  International Photogarphy conference – speaker, Liptovsky Mikulas
2007: Lodz Photosensitive Space, residence programme, invited artist
2007: Budapest Gallery Scolarship – Helsinki: Gallery Gjutars
2007: Thessaloniki International Photobiennale Awards, finalist
2005-07: Pécsi József Photography scholarship
2006: Budapest Gallery Scholarhip, Gallery Gjutars, Helsinki, Finland
2006: Sittcomm Award, finalist
2004: Member of the organizers of the Young Photographers Studio

- Fotografisk Tidskrift 6-2010 Sweden  24-25. page
- BeauxArt magazine ,décembre 2010 France 54. page
- PHOTO no. 474 France „Paris Photo: Nos 10 coups de coeur“
- PARISBERLIN Septembre2010 no. 56, France  69. page
- Mozgó Világ 7 2009/July
Bán Zsófia: „Csoportkép csoporttal“ 119. page
- Új Müvészet 2009 July XX. year 7th issue
Bordács Andrea: „A mi és az én“ 32-33. page
- Mûértõ 2009 July-august XII. year 6. page
- Mûértõ 2009 July-August XII. year
Lénárd Anna: „A kép és a kritikus tömeg“ 12. page
- Europe: in between document and ficion, Erste foundation, Vienne, 52-53. page
- Új Müvészet 2008 November XIX. year 11th issue
Jokesz Antal: „Van-e élet a fotó után?“ 33th page
- Új Müvészet 2007 June XVIII. year 6th issue
Bordács Andrea: “Ami a családi fényképalbumból kimaradt” 10th page
- Új Müvészet 2007 May XVIII. year 5th issue
Somogyi Zsófia: “Találd meg a különbséget a négy kép között!” 22th page
- Új Müvészet 2006 October XVII. year 10th issue
Bán András: “ Köveket vinni a szigetre” 40th page
- PRAESENS 2005/3
Horányi Attila: “ Kipipált feladat, kihagyott lehetõség” 42-43rd page 
- FOTOGRAFIA 2006 winter, Polish Contemporary Photography magazine
- IMAGO 2007 autumn, Middle-European Photography magazine
- IMAGO 2006, spring Middle-European Photography magazine
- VISION 2007 February, 1st Chinese Art magazine, 222-225th page

-  Jozef T. Baio private collection, New York
-  Contemporary Institute Paks, Hungary
-  Gallery Miskolc, Hungary
-  KOGART  www.kogart.hu


I have been working with different groups and communities for years. For me the most important to remove the groups from that very well known lifestyle how they work all the day with the help of the medium of photography. From my last series it has got an important role moving from that very rigid working method how the everyday people live their life and turned to more playful field. I would like to take photos and videos that kind of workers who though they appear in theirs own working place with theirs personal stuff but I would give a chance for the improvisations and game also.
Whether that people would be much happier if they would spend their five minutes smoking break with game instead of smoke cigarettes?
During a short residency I have spent two weeks at Weinviertel working with people who works in wineyards and farms. This region is very exciting for me, because in these farmyards many people working outside in groups where - compare with the workplace at multies – classic communal athmosphere or public spirits is still exists. Do exists, how people attitude to each other and how personal stories is being listened by others. This would be a very inspirative medium where workers let the things grow up in their own tempo.
I would make an attempt at this working method in the 2 months of the residency of MQ21.

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