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Alexandra Gorczynski

Alexandra Gorczynski

Bereich: Medienkunst

PLUR PIECE © Alexandra Gorczynski

womanonthenet © Alexandra Gorczynski

Key Facts







Empfehlende Institution

Transforming Freedom


Jänner 2013 - Jänner 2013


Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting

Exhibitions and Group Shows

2012 >get>put, Little Berlin Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2012 E Vapor 8, 319 Scholes, New York NY
2012 Spark Video: Double Down,Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse NY
2012 Flash Flood, Little Berlin Gallery, Philadelphia PA
2012 Video Syrup, Spectacle Theater, New York NY
2012 Floating World Animation Fest: DMTV2, Hollywood Theater, Portland OR
2011 QR/ART, Shine a Light, Portland Art Museum, Portland OR
2011 Speed Show: Becoming, Not Being, Internet-Café Bordeux, Berlin DE
2011 Youth Culture, The Future Gallery, Berlin DE
2011 Blip Festival, Eyebeam Gallery, New York NY
2011 Kick in the Eye, Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA
2011 Getting Closer, Fe Arts Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
2010 The Shift, 319 Scholes, New York NY
2010 Philadelphia’s Works from the Nettle Fizz, Secret Project Robot, New York NY
2009 Slo Mo, Germ Books, Philadelphia PA
2009 PIFAS Place, Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Studies, Philadelphia PA
2008 Shadow Out of Time, Boston University, Boston MA
2008 South Philly Biennial, Philadelphia PA
2007 Endwise, Current Gallery, Baltimore MD
2007 Gold is the Metal, Stairwell Gallery, Providence RI

Printed Publications

2012 I Want You, Bongout Book, Re:Surgo
2012 Tremors Magazine, #1
2012 SuperSuper! Magazine, Vol II Issue 3 2011
2012 Novembre Magazine #4
2011 I Want You Magazine, #6
2011 Oyster Magazine, #92
2011 Dazed and Confused, Vol. II / 93

Web Publications and Interviews

2012 www.artobjectculture.net
2012 www.urbanoutfitters.com
2012 www.blog.wfmu.org
2011 www.bubblebyte.org
2011 www.undercurrentmagazine.com
2011 www.huhmagazine.co.uk/
2011 www.latimes.com
2010 www.warheadproject.com
2010 www.thesexinjury.com
2010 www.pendu.org
2010 www.viceland.com/fr
2010 www.printliberation.com


Geplant als Teil der Installation von ARTISTIC BOKEH in der Electric Avenue / quartier21:

I will create the ideas and plans for a threedimensional sculpture with the means and media listed above. My focus will be on questions relating to my comprehension and self-sensation of the female body in real and mediatized space, possibly drawing upon parts of the classic feminist / post-feminist theories relating to this area of reflection.
Such sensitivity seldomly accompanies programmers while they plan their projects and envision future developments. Hence I will also be interested to participate in discussions of Mr. McCarthy and Phillipp Teister (Artistic Research Team organized by transforming freedom) whom I know well from recent collaborations. I am, of course, highly interested in their subject matter, yet as an artist, these forms of abstraction are inherently problematic to translate diligently. Not to slow them down, but to possibly
interact, contradict and build documentation of personal aspects of this experimental process in form of a sculpture.

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