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Linde Faas

Linde Faas

Bereich: Film / Bildende Kunst

© Linde Faas

© Linde Faas

© Linde Faas

© Linde Faas

© Linde Faas

© Linde Faas

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Film / Bildende Kunst



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Tricky Women


Mai 2011 - Mai 2011

Linde Faas, born in the Netherlands (01-02-1985) started drawing at a very young age, eager to capture the little things happening in the world surrounding her. As a child her world was confined to the old house she lived in and the garden that belonged to it. This is where she gained her inspiration. Linde drew all she saw, and all she imagined, for she had a great imagination. She developed a special interest in movement and the meaning of sound and after secondary school she decided to apply to the art academy.

At Sint Joost Art academy (Breda) she studied animation, where she began specializing in drawn animation. She graduated in 2008 and received the Sint Joost Gold Medal for her graduation film ‘Volgens de Vogels’/‘According to Birds’. Shortly after that, this drawn animation film about birds won the first prize in the student competition of the Holland Animation Festival. Volgens de Vogels screened at numerous festivals and won several prizes at both national and international animation/film festivals.

After she graduated Linde began working as a freelance animator and illustrator. Accept for making animation films Linde also likes to make fine art drawings and write texts. Central to her work are the little rituals which are found in life and nature in particular and often escape our notice. In her drawings and animations she places them in the spotlight and blows them up until each represents a world in its own right. In these worlds the borders of reality and fantasy fade away and people might experience a frozen moment in time in which the ruthless power of nature becomes visible.

Linde is currently focussing on making large fine art drawings and illustrations for children’s books. In the near future she is considering making another animated film.


Beim Tricky Women Festival 2010 erhielt Linde Faas das Arbeitsstipendium des Artist-in-Residence-Programms im quartier21/MQ für Volgens De Vogels / According To Birds (NL 2008)

Mit der Morgendämmerung erwachen die Vögel und erfüllen den Wald mit ihrem Gesang und ihrer Bewegung.
An extraordinary confident debut, for daring to make a quiet observational
film whose animation and bold use of silence works to powerfully resonant effect.


I was able to do this residency because I won the Artist in Residence Award at the Tricky Women Animationfilm Festival in 2010. For me this was a great oppurtunity to work in a new invironment, meet other artists and gain new inspiration.

Although I was in Vienna for only one month, I’m very satified with the work I have been able to do. During this month I focused on making fine art drawings and illustrations on paper.

It was great to live and work in the cultural heart of Vienna for a while. The studio is ideal located and a motivating place to produce new work. Also I’ve seen a lot of inspiring work and met interesting artists.

Overall it was a very positive experience which I would definitely recommend to other people.

Linde Faas

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