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Beatrix Szörényi

Beatrix Szörényi

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

© Beatrix Szörényi

© Beatrix Szörényi

© Beatrix Szörényi

© Beatrix Szörényi

© Beatrix Szörényi

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Februar 2010 - März 2010

Beatrix Szörényi
Born: 18.04.1976, Düsseldorf (D)

1999-2005 Hungarian Academy of Fine Art, Intermedia department, Budapest
1997-1998 Hungarian Academy for Arts and Crafts, video and animation department, Budapest
1995-1997 University of Kassel, visual communication department, Kassel (D)


2008 - 2 month residency at Cité Internationales des Arts, Paris (F)
2008 and 2009  - Derkovits grant
2008 Artist-in-residency at Stanica, Zilina (SK), Visegrad fund grant
2001 OTDK Art Students Circle, Budapest, 1. prize (category: art)


Telling something only once, (with Anikó Loránt, Judit Fischer) Hungarian Institute Prague, (CZ)
PAPÍRALAP, Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely (H)
Derkovits Gyula Grant Exhibtion, Ernst Museum, Budapest

Gallery By Night 2008 (with Eva Kotátková), Studio Gallery, Budapest
Genesis, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
The congress of the futurologists, ICA Dunaújváros
What's up! Műcsarnok, Budapest
Dog school - 1 nap of 50 days exhibition series (solo), Studió Gallery, Budapest
Határok nélkül, Limes Galery, Révkomárom (SK)

Faulheit, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg(D)
Restség, Ponton Gallery Budapest (D)
Imaginary Eden, International Encounter of Photography, Rio de Janeiro
Kapitalistische Freundschaft, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (D)
Kedves Ines... Liebe Beatrix, (with Ines Doleschal) Delta35 Galária, Berlin (D)
Múzsák – 9+1 photo- and video artist, Körzőgyár Gallery, Budapest
Dear painter, paint me... with heart and mind, Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
Imaginary Eden, International Encounter of Photography, IMPEX Budapest

Döntés, Fiatal Művészek Stúdiója, Budapest
Ez nem diszkó, Hattyú House Contemporary Exhibition Space, Pécs (H)
Jegyzet és Vázlat, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest
Eats=Food, Közelítés Gallery, Pécs (H)

kunst-en-passant - videos in public space, Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna (A)
Necc –A világ tyúkszemmel, KogArt House, Budapest
Diploma exhibition, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
Fresh Europe, KogArt House, Budapest


kunst-en-passant - videos in public space, videowall: Kunsthalle Wien
and shop window: Boutique Marithe Francois Girbaud, Vienna (A)
Hab a tortán, ACB Gallery, Budapest
Plus 190, Kunstpunkte 2004, Düsseldorf (D)

Csapó 1, (FKSE exhibition) Budapest Gallery exhibition space, Budapest
Tömérdek, Trafo Gallery– House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
Exil (workshop presentation)  Academy of Fine Arts Bremen, Bremen (D)
Friss - Budapest Art Expo, Művészeti Malom, Szentendre
Asztal network, Civil Közösségek Háza, Pécs
Budapest Box - The Hidden Scene in the 1990-ies (with ART WINDOW), Museum of Contemporary Arts - Ludwig Museum Budapest
Reconstruction (solo show), Hungarian Academy of Fine arts (aula), Budapest

Dominatrix (video installation with Anikó Loránt ), Central Ervin Szabó library, Budapest

KIRAKAT/ART WINDOW (1 year exhibition project) in a shopwindow: I. ker. Hattyú u. 10/c,
Budapest and in the Internet: www.sztaki.hu/providers/kirakat

Permant objects:
Tools for a shift of position, two objects in public space, Stanica, Zilina-Zariecie (SK)

2008 - Where is the future, colouring book, publisher ICA-Dunaújváros
2007 - Filozófia kicsiknek (Philosophy for smalls), Rajzlap 2 .szám (bimonthly published adrawing fanzine)
2004 - Kirakat/Artwindow CD-ROM

2009/04 - Mozgó Világ, Emese Kürti: Akvarellek kicsiknek
2008-2009 Nov-Feb - Flash ArtVol. III No. 10 (czeh-szlovak edition) Rita Kálmán : István Csákány a Beatrix Szörényi Stanica - Zilina
2005.03.22. Benézni a flaszterről a kiállításba, Gabriella Valaczkay , Népszabadság (daily newspaper)
2002.06.27 Már nem teszik ki az ablakba! Gabriella Valaczkay , Népszabadság (daily newspaper)


I don't feel like tourist in Vienna, ...

... always when I am in Vienna I recognize the Hungarian and the German influences. This is especially inspiring for me, because I see myself as a kind of “melting pot” of these both cultures, because I grew up as child of Hungarian emigrants in Germany and afterwards spend my artistic education and adulthood in Hungary. So I am quite curious to explore the similarities and differences, the special mixtures of both cultures in Vienna in the city, in the cultural field in the everyday life more in detail.

I don't feel in Vienna like tourist. This has to do with the common usage of the German language and the reasons that I described above. In my mind this is a good starting point for a residency, because I can concentrate directly on my more specify interests, because there is no need to get familiar with a new, very different culture or city. I expect that I will search for information, like exhibitions, writings, films that are only (or more easily) available in Vienna e.g. I want to visit some archive for video(art), (German/Austrian) films etc. Nevertheless I expect that the familiarity of city will quite fast lead to the patience and concentration that is needed to start some manual works, (like drawings  or making objects) in the studio that is offered by Museumsquartier.

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