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Fefe Talavera

Fefe Talavera

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

© Fefe Talavera

© Fefe Talavera

© Fefe Talavera

© Fefe Talavera

© Fefe Talavera

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Bildende Kunst



Empfehlende Institution



Juni 2009 - Juni 2009

Fefe Talavera

It´s easy to realize in her works the closeness with letters, books, prints, and photos.. Part of a artistic and cultured family, she lived between Brazil and Mexico and has all this different cultures influencing her art .. Fefê Talavera had her art¹s Bachelor from FAAP at São Paulo, however, she searches primordial energy at the streets what she could not find at any schools. environment, more emotional than theoretician energy, much more visceral energy. The type animals are as a subconscious mind revolt to demonstrate that all letters, all the graphical signals had been invented to be able to describe human emotions and not to command them, because our emotions are dirty and not civilized. She does not do cute and female paintings. She creates strong and disturbing animals, that lives at the shady part of our soul. Fefe is only 27 years old and has been treading a good delineated way of the artists who has something to say and knows how to make it.





“Les Fills de La Serp Verinosa” – in WellDone gallery Barcelona Spain -2008


“Las Paredes hablan” – Colective exhibition festival in Córdoba Spain -2008


“ 4 llaves” – Individual Exhibit in Subaquática- Madrid Spain 2008


“Omega Bridge” – With Doze Green in K.Space – Amsterdam -2008


“Street Artists” – Colective exhibition in Elaboratorio- México DF- 2008


“So Many Selves”- Colective exhibition in Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art- Hollywood Califórnia- 2007


“Mundo Animal” – Colective exhibition in Escola São Paulo Brasil SP 2007


“A Conquista do espaço” Colective exhibition in Sesc Pinheiros São Paulo – 2007


“Visual Slang” colective exhibition in Abrons Art Center in New York – 2007


“Ruas de São Paulo” colective exhibition in Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York-2007


“URBAN GRASS ROOTS” with Riel in Artitude , Berlin 2006


“Lux Vanitas” with Zosen and Kafre, Barcelona 2006

“Spray o novo muralismo Latino Americano” in Museum of Latin América São Paulo– 2006


“Choque Cultural na Fortes Vilaça, Fortes Vilaça na Choque Cultural” in Fortes Villaça gallery – São Paulo 2006


“Los Muertitos Duermen Juntitos” With Zosen in Choque Cultural gallery

– São Paulo 2006


“Caractérias” individual exhibition in Estúdio Quinn São Paulo 2005


“Erótica” colective exhibition in Choque Cultural gallery São Paulo 2005


“Catalixo” Colective exhibition in Choque Cultural Gallery São Paulo 2005


“Graffiti s Day” colective exhibit in Alex Valauri honoring. São Paulo 2005


“Calaveras” colective exhibition in Choque Cultural Gallery São Paulo 2004


“Bichos Tipográficos” Individual exhibition in Most Gallery São Paulo 2004


“TEMP” colective exhibitin festival of music São Paulo 2004


“EICU” colective exhibition in Buenos Aires Argentina 2004


“Ristoc” colective exhibition festival Argentina Rosário 2004


“Coletivo Rua” colective exhibition in Museo de Arte contemporânea - Brasil 2004


“Latinidades” colective exhibition in Sesc Pompéia São Paulo 2004




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