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Elwira Wojtunik

Elwira Wojtunik

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Jänner 2010 - Februar 2010

Elwira Wojtunik, born in 1978, is a visual artists and video producer from Poland. Most of the works she creates together with Popesz Csaba Láng under the name of Elektro Moon Vision. They design unique visual live-acts based on live experiments with the video surface, wide-format projections, mappings, audiovisual performances, interactive video-installations or video projections for theatre and opera shows. Their works were exposed at the Media Art Biennale WRO, Akarenga Soko Gallery in Yokohama in Japan, Salon-Projektionist in Vienna among others. They cooperate with Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, Poland and Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Founders of Share:Krakow - the unit of global organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities and ‘patchlab’ - international festival of audiovisual art. Members of AVnode network - an international network of artists and professionals organizing festivals and/or working in the fields of audiovisual live performances.

<link http: elektromoon.co.nr _blank external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>elektromoon.co.nr
<link http: www.facebook.com elektromoonvision external-link-new-window externen link in neuem>facebook.com/elektromoonvision


The a/v project explores the Vienna underground traffic space, in accordance to its unique way to transit in space and time. Translocation by metro creates specific time and space suspension - every-day experience makes this fact unconsidered as a journey, rather as a quick transfer from point A to point B where the movement is reduced to the reflection only of the aiming destination and the trip itself is a blank space without the visual relation to the landscape.
The project includes secret images encoded using Visual Secret Sharing Scheme (VSS) which can be decoded in an interactive installation.

Vienna Transcoded is a part of a wider [URBAN.LAB] work-in-progress project.

opening:  27th Feb 2010 ::  Raum D ::  7pm

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