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Zbynek Baladrán

Zbynek Baladrán

Bereich: Bildende Kunst

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

© Zbynek Baladrán

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Bildende Kunst



Empfehlende Institution

tranzit.org/ERSTE Stiftung


September 2006 - Oktober 2006

1992-97 History of Art,
Charles University in Prague
1997-2003  MgA on Academy of
Fine Arts in Prague
(J.David, V.Skrepl, V.Bromova)

other activities:
2001- Co-founder Display, space for contemporary art in Prague
display@display.cz , www.display.cz

group exhibitions:
2005, „Praguebiennale2 - definition of everyday“, Prague, CZ
2005, „Fifth Biennial of young Artists“, City gallery Praha, curated by K.Císaø, CZ
2005, „The Need to Document“, Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz,
curators: S.Schaschl-Cooper, 
V.Havranek, CH
2005, „Insiders“, Futura, Praha, curated by P. Morganová, CZ
2004, „Insiders“, DpK, Brno, curated by P. Morganová, CZ
2004, „Finalists of J. Chalupecký Award“, Brno House of Art, Brno, CZ
2004, „Spacecamp“, Kolowratský palác, Praha, CZ
2004, „Prague and Dresden“,Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie,Regensburg, DE
2004, „Manifesta 5“, Donostia-San Sebastián, curators M.Gioni, M. Kuzma, ES
2004, „Breakthrough“, Grote Kerk, Den Haag, curator: waanja, NL
2004, „Interkosmos 2004“, Raster, Warszawa, curated L.Gorczyca,
M. Kaczynski, PL
2003, „Kompression“, Wedding, Berlin, DE
2003, „Paradies“, with Tomas Svoboda, Bunker, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, DE
2003, „Survey 03“, Futura, Praha, curator: K.Cisar, CZ
2003, „Ceskoslovensko“, , Bratislava, SK
2002, „Artchitektura“, GJF, Praha, curator: R. Vana, CZ
2002, „Premiere vue“, Passage de Retz, Paris, F
2002, „Uhlopricka“, Galerie Eskort, Brno, CZ
2002, „Wechselstube“, der-ausstellunsgraum, Stuttgart, DE
2002, „Forum of Independent Galleries“, U Prstenu, GHMP, Praha, CZ
2001, „Fotok“, MEO, Budapest, HU
2001, „Prvni a posledni“, Galerie V. Spaly, Praha, CZ
2001, „Criss-Cross“, Broumov, CZ
2000, „Vystava AVU“, Manes, Praha, CZ
2000, „Kazda kapka...“, Galerie AVU,
Praha, CZ
1999, „Vidiny“, Roxy, Galerie NOD, Praha, CZ
1999, „Rickyho gang“, klub Depo,
Olomouc, CZ
1998, „Zelena“, Galerie AVU, Praha, CZ

solo exhibitions:

2004,”zazdìný vchod“, Moravská Galerie, Brno, curated by Y. Ferencová, CZ
2004, „theory/praxis/exposition“, DPzK, Brno, curator: M.Pokorny, CZ
2002, "Warianta C", with Erik Binder, Open gallery, Bratislava, curators: G.Bukovinska, J.Oravcova, SK
2002, "Target Group", performance with Tomas Svoboda, presentation of Umelec mag.,
Palais de Tokyo, Paris, F
2001, „8“, Galerie Eskort, Brno, CZ
2001, „10“, Galerie Eingang, Ostrava, CZ
2001, „019“, Galerie Jeleni, Praha, curator: G.Bukovinská, CZ
2000, „Diorama“, BJ Case, Komunardu Street, Praha, CZ


2004, developmental grant of tranzit (www.tranzit.org)

bibliographical notes and texts:

2005, The Need to Document, Zbynìk Baladrán - Ruins, Archaeology and the Gap between Images,    Muttenz, CH
2005, Contemporary, 71, Moving Images at the Edge of the Real, Katerina Gregos, GB
2004, Manifesta 5, ...with all due intent, catalogue, M. Gioni, Barcelona, ES
2004, Daemon, Ritorno al futuro, A. Grulli, Bologna,  IT
2004, Metropolis M, Interview, I. Commandeur, Utrecht, NL
2004, Umìlec, 3, Theory, praxis, exposition, D. Kulhánek, Praha, CZ


Letter of motivation

For the past three years I’ve focused on social reflections of the past. I’ve created several videos drawing from found film footage. My goal is to grasp and newly consider our views of ourselves: to do away with the schemas connected with our perceptions of the past. I live in Prague and am anchored in the reality here. What could be better than to look at my experience from a distance? And why not from a neighbouring country? Vienna could be the ideal place.

Zbynìk Baladrán


During two monts of my residence in MQ i worked on video project called screnplay/movie. I took various articles and news published press agencies on internet. I used short stories like motive for writing of screenplays. Next step was film it. I used writed script like part of video.

There is no more screenplay and not yet film.
I finished three videofilms with common architectonical topic: Tent, Pyramid, Container.

Next information about my actual work:

videofilm on-line:

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