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Melih T. Görgün

Melih T. Görgün

Bereich: Darstellende Kunst

© Melih T. Görgün

© Melih T. Görgün

© Melih T. Görgün

© Melih T. Görgün

© Melih T. Görgün

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Darstellende Kunst


Istanbul, Sinop (Türkei)

Empfehlende Institution



August 2005 - September 2005

T. Melih Görgün/Turkiye

1962   Sinop, Turkiye
1985   MA, Marmara University, Istanbul
1985   Scholarship, Salzburg Summer Academy, Prof. Uwe Bremer Graphic Workshop, Austria
2003   Prof. At The Mimar Sinan University, Faculty Of Fine Arts Istanbul.
Lives And Works In Istanbul.

Solo Shows
2004   "Death Is On The Other Shore", video-sound installations, Oratorio Di San Ludovico, Venezia-Italy
2002   "Violence", sound installation, Stadthaus Galerie, Münster-Germany
1999   "I'm Another", Kunst-Pavillon, München-Germany
1998   "Seal", Galerie Pjotr, Tilburg - Holland
1997   "Seal", Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery, Ankara
1996   "Ik=Ikoon", Huis Der Kunsten, Brugge - Belgium
1995   "Die Kohle", City Gallery, Ahlen-Germany
1994   "Torsikon", City Museum Sinop, Sinop
1994   "Torsikon", Gallery Zon, Ankara

Selected Shows
2005   "To Hear Is To See", Audio Works, Yyz Artist Outlet, (Curator: Gue Schmidt),
2004   Asian Art Biennial, Dakka-Bangladesh (National Curator: T. Melih Görgün)
2004   "To Hear Is To See", Niederösterreichisches Landes Musum, St. Pölten-Austria , YYA Gallery Toronto (Curator: Gue Schmidt)
2003   "International 11. Asian Art Biennale", Dakka-Bangladesh, (Curator: T. Melih Görgün)
2002   "Dirge", sound installation, meeting with theaters, Augsburg- Germany
2002   "60 Year 60 Artists", Eczacıbaşi Virtual Museum, Tuyap (Curators: Ali Akay, Haşim Nur Gürel, Levent Calikoglu)
2002   Arte Sonoro Sound Art Biennale, Meksika, Venezuella (Curators: Luis Romero, Dulce Gomez)
2002   "International 10. Asian Art Biennale", Dakka-Bangladesh, (Curator: T. Melih Görgün)
2002   "Hören Ist Sehen/ To Hear Is To See", Kultur Zentrum Kammgarn-Forum Vebikus, Schaffhausen-Swiss (Curator: Gue Schmidt)
2002   "Corridor", Mu Faculty Of Fine Arts, Istanbul (Curator: Ahu Antmen)
2001   1. Tirana Biennale, Albany
2000   "Milestonesforpeace", 49.Venice Biennale-Italy/ Tel Aviv- Israel/ International Artist's Museum, Lodz-Poland/ New York-Usa (Curators: Doron Polak, Adam Klimczak)
2000   "To Hear Is To See", Sound Exhibition, (Curator: Gue Schmidt), Rhizom Im Labor, Graz- Austria, ACC Galerie, Weimar- Germany/ Klanggalerie Im Kultursalon, Berlin-Germany
2000   "Veritas Omnia Vincit", Exhibiton For Human Rights, Istanbul (Curator: Beral Madra)
2000   "Media-Comunication-Art / Rezistans", Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul (Curator: Beral Madra)
1998   Saga Art Fair- Galerie Daniel Amourette, Paris-France
1998   “Multiplies For Environments", Borusan Art Center, Istanbul (Curator: Beral Madra)
1998   "Project : Work", Atatürk Cultural Center , Istanbul (Curator: Fatoş Beykal)
1998   "Transport 1.Nakil", Aula Carolina, Aachen-Germany
1997   " Works On Paper", Atatürk Cultural Center, Istanbul (Curator: Meryem Arican)
1996   "Other", Habitat Contemporary Art Exhibition, Antrepo I, Istanbul
1992   Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul

Curated Exhibitions
2004   "Drapeau: Une Experience D'identification". Le Botanique, Brussels-Belgium
2003   "Entrophy", 11. Asian Art Biennale, Curator Of Turkish Pavillion, Bangladesh
2003   "Invention or Non-Invention", Institut Francais d'istanbul
2002   "Prejudice", video works, Münster Fine Arts Academy Exhibition Hall, Münster- Germany
2001   “On the Way”, 10th. Asian Art Biennale, Curator Of Turkish Pavillion, Bangladesh
2001   Kaleydoskop-Kaléidoscope", in memoriam Marcel Proust, Institut Francais d'istanbul

Next Project
2006  "Sinopale", Curator, 1. International Sinop Biennale, Sinop

He Participated In Norwege, Ukrain, Japan, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Makedonia, Italy, Poland, Austria, Holland Many Biennals And Triennals For Graphic.

Download CV: word /50 KB


The performance ‘Vorspielurteil’ illustrates how real and imaginary interchange.

When I first arrived to Vienna, “duell in wien”, billboard of electoral campaign was a clear document of persistent prejudgments and racism that have not been eradicated yet. It was a futureless and ironic case of how democratic instruments of a society that has witnessed serious assimilation process visualizes 'camps' legally by means of this structure. My previous proposal 'Do you know who I am?' which I have submitted to MQ quartier 21 has materialized in a snap. But questioner has been changed and within this context it turned to me. A very clear response must be given.

Vor(ur)teil-spiel. Here begins word game! Game inside game!

The performance 'Vorspielurteil' was designed with real documents. For the reason that it has a circular form, in order to emphasize the concept, it was realized by using video, sound and text in Ovalhalle with the support of ZARA (Zivil Courage und Anti Rasismus Arbeit) and monochrom.

Performance has become a collaboration project between 'I' and 'the other' with contributions of Viennese artist Gue Schmidt’s by his text-reading and Suna Suner who was born in Istanbul and still lives in Vienna by her live voice improvization.

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