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Lisa Truttmann: Where are we?

09.12.2015 bis 10.12.2015 - Fulbright Austria, MQ Raum D
Veranstalter: MQ Kulturmieter:innen

Lisa Truttmann: Where are we?


Lisa Truttmann: Where are we? Lisa Truttmann: Where are we?

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Do, 10.12.2015
Mi, 09.12.2015

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Einlass: 18.30h
Screening: 19.30h
Ort: Raum D / Q21
Anmeldung bis Mo 07.12.: <link>mlaffer@fulbright.at

Join us for a screening of short videos developed by Fulbright alumna Lisa Truttmann (Die Angewandte) during her time at California Institute of the Arts!

"In this selection of Austrian artist/filmmaker Lisa Truttmann‘s short videos we have a series of works that incessantly ask "Where are we?" — a potent question entirely asked through
the apparatus of image and sound itself. For in each of these discreet and startling videos Truttmann gives us firm locales (mostly Californian), and even objects and ideas to grasp, while vigorously separating their form and content before our eyes. Color, surface, sound and idea take flight from their origin and recreate themselves before landing back in a reality of changed perception. Ordinary things and situations are given termitic specificity and true characters emerge: a cold-engined car in a desert town in the dead of night (Anything Can Happen), a multi-lingual parrot (Babash), a garage full of memories (Birds, Clocks, and Toolboxes and
Petie), the color of a couple‘s quarrel (6500)...."
— Andy Rector, film critic, Los Angeles, 2015.

Lisa Truttmann received her degree in Transmedia Arts at Die Angewandte in Vienna in 2009. In 2013 she continued her studies at California Institute of the Arts, Program of Film and Video with a Fulbright Scholarship. The works presented in the
screening were developed between 2013 and 2015 during her stay in the U.S., including the collaborative projects with Guido Spannocchi (Elsewhere Lands), Behrouz Rae (Babash) and Elizabeth Webb (Tabula Rasa); individual projects were partly funded by BKA. The artist would like to thank her supporters and collaborators for making her practice possible.
<link http: www.lisatruttmann.at>www.lisatruttmann.at

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