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SUBOTRON bastl 1 : STANDUINO workshop for open source electronic instruments

07.06.2013 bis 07.06.2013

SUBOTRON bastl 1 : STANDUINO workshop for open source electronic instruments


SUBOTRON bastl 1 : STANDUINO workshop for open source electronic instruments SUBOTRON bastl 1 : STANDUINO workshop for open source electronic instruments


Fr, 07.06.2013

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Datum: Fr 07.06., ab 10h
Raum D / quartier21
Anmeldung unter <link>standuino@gmail.com

Bastl is a Czech term for DIY that describes a particular era of eastern-bloc underground artists who worked heavily with electronics. This is a “modern Bastl” workshop for total beginners to learn about the modern approach to making art with electronics and open source hardware/software.
The workshop will focus around building your open-source synthesizer fraAngelico or drum synthesizer with sequencer frauAngelico or granular sampler microGranny, that you will take home with you after the workshop.

what you will learn

•    the essentials of working with electronics: soldering and important terminology
•    the basics of working with synthesizers and samplers
•    an introduction to the world of open-source hardware and it’s possibilities
•    current and historic trends in DIY electronic arts culture and bastl

The workshop is taught by the founders of Standuino, a cultural initiative and DIY electronics platform that celebrates the rich history of underground bastl artists from the former Czechoslovakia.

what to bring
All parts and equipment are included as part of the workshop registration fee. No prior knowledge of electronics, programming, or digital synthesis is necessary for this workshop. The workshop leaders will teach you everything you need to know.
Please bring a pair of headphones to be able to listen to your instrument!
Persons with weak sight please bring your glasses, eyes get tired soon with the tiny stuff!

workshop prices including all material

fraAngelico € 80.-
frauAngelico € 90.-
microGranny € 100.-

Please send an email to <link>standuino@gmail.com with your name and which instrument you would like to build (fraA/frauA/mG).
ATTENTION! Maximum is 15 participants!

workshop operators
Václav Peloušek is an artist, musician and inventor and Ondrej Merta is an artist, musician, actor, DJ and filmmaker both born in Brno. They both studied at the Art & Science Department of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at Multimedia Department of Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Peloušek studied also Multimedia Composition at Janácek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno and New Media at Winchester School of Art. Merta studied also Film Theory, Aesthetics at Masaryk University in Brno. They are the founders of Standuino project and members of bands Hugo & Zoe, CaveArt and Standuino Orchestra. They are also members of 4AM mediaLab and Grau Kllktv.
Václav Peloušek and Ondrej Merta are founders of the Standuino project. Standuino was founded on May 2011 at Multiplace festival with workshop that took place at 4AM medialab gallery in Brno. Since then, the Standuino project has spawned a series of musical instruments such as the fraAngelico and microGranny. The Standuino creative team consists of Ondrej Merta, Václav Peloušek, Martin Baar, Ondrej Homola and others. Since starting Standuino the team has carried out over 25 workshops in 7 countries in Europe, as well as Standuino solo exhibitions at REMAKE festival in Brno and at Boutique in Cologne.

<link http: cms.mqw.at http subotron.com _blank>


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