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SUBOTRON/WKW pro games global: Building a Multiplatform Game Business

02.05.2013 bis 02.05.2013

SUBOTRON/WKW pro games global: Building a Multiplatform Game Business


SUBOTRON/WKW pro games global: Building a Multiplatform Game Business SUBOTRON/WKW pro games global: Building a Multiplatform Game Business


Do, 02.05.2013

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Datum: Do 02.05., 19h
Ort: Raum D / quartier21
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Tommy Palm

“mobile guru” game designer and entrepreneur, Stockholm

King.com offers games on the web, on Facebook and on mobile platforms. It is the second largest games developer on Facebook and has the leading skill-games site worldwide. In this presentation, “mobile guru” Tommy Palm takes a case study approach on how to design, market and then monetize social games that run across multiple platforms. Creating a true “play-anywhere” experience requires progress and virtual goods to be synchronised between devices, appropriate optimisation of the game for each device and an ability to attract and retain the audience across all devices. Mr. Palm draws on its own experience in this area and also highlights a range of industry best practises.


With over two decades of experience as a game designer and entrepreneur, Tommy Palm has earned the title “Mobile Guru” at leading casual social games company, King.com. He works in the forefront of the company’s prevalent cross-platform games initiatives taking games from social to mobile. Tommy started programming games for Commodore 64 back in 1986 as a hobby until 1999, when he founded Jadestone. Since then he has been working as concept creator and game designer on more than 30 game titles including “Championship Manager Online”, “World in War”, “Karlsson på Taket” (mobile), “Dirk Dagger” and “Kodo”. During the more than 10 years developing mobile games, his team has been awarded nine international awards and numerous nominations – most recently the prominent IMGA and IGF Mobile awards. In 2009 Jadestone’s mobile department spawned off into Fabrication Games, where Tommy was President. The company went on to be acquired by King.com in early 2012. Tommy is a regular collegiate lecturer and frequently contributes articles on trends in social and mobile games. He has also spoken at prominent events including GDC San Francisco, GDC Online, GDC Europe, Game Connection, E3, and Cannes Film Festival among others. He holds lectures at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has been a member of the jury for IGF Mobile, IMGA, Nokia Innovation Challenge and Swedish Game Awards.

Moderation : Robert Glashüttner (ORF/FM4)

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