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AiR base Nr. 09: Nancy Mauro-Flude

02.04.2008 bis 10.06.2008

AiR base Nr. 09: Nancy Mauro-Flude


AiR base Nr. 09: Nancy Mauro-Flude AiR base Nr. 09: Nancy Mauro-Flude

AiR base Nr. 09
Nancy Mauro-Flude (AUS):  Resist, she said

Artist-in-Residence im quartier21 auf Einladung von SUBOTRON

Nancy Mauro-Flude's work is concerned with the timeless relationship between technology, culture and performing arts, where she encompasses the imperfect notions of human fatality and fragility that the all too perfect digital world ignores. What happens if these entire systems continue to process even though basic human understanding has broken down? She looks at performative elements in videogames and how common fictional objects that furnish these worlds cut back into the realm of real life. By validating layers of metaphysical, personal and cultural meaning that are often lost in contemporary gameplay.


“Resist, she said” is an installation and a performative account of someone who evokes game references, by picking up readymade pieces of consumer capitalist wreckage and playing with them “for real”. Video games are cross-reality platforms. They highlight repetitive, ritualistic and quasi-mythical elements by paying careful attention to logos, colours, flags and props. We see direct references to games such as “Counterstrike”, “Half-life2”, “Capture the Flag”, with the characters’ theatrical performance with the props such as the crowbar, the bunch of dead red roses; otherwise known as “Melee” weapons.

Despite the obvious cultural references, through surrealism, Dada tactics, repetition, level design and use of location as narrative, the work establishes a strong connection to videogames. There is no dialogue and no significant character development, except the determination to resist. This work is a requiem to “The Punk Rock Inn”, an autonomous cultural centre in Amsterdam.

Eröffnung: Mi 02.04., 19h
Ausstellungsdauer: 03.04. bis 10.06.2008, täglich 10–20h
Ort: AiR base next Freiraum/quartier21, transeuropa




Foto: She wanted to open the door to the next level. (2007) von Nancy Mauro-Flude

Here are the shots of the opening night:

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