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Lesia Pcholka

Lesia Pcholka

Bereich: Bildende Kunst, Archivierung

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Bildende Kunst, Archivierung



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Dezember 2022 - Jänner 2023

born in 1989 (Belarus). Currently lives in Berlin, Germany

My artistic practice includes sculpture, installations, and archival work. The common thread of my art is collective memory; it draws from the history we all share and our everyday experiences. I preserve, analyze and explore collective memory through research-based work that frequently includes collecting community archives to examine memories from the Soviet past and those of today, reflecting on the pressing social issues and processing political trauma. 



– Book NO.10. Sputnik Photos, 2022 / сurated by Adam Panczuk

– The VEHA books. 2022, People of the Forest (Ludzi Lesu) – 2021, Girls’ Night and the Last Photo (Dziavočy viečar & Apošni fotazdymak) – 2018, The Best Side (Najlepšy bok) / сurated by Lesia Pcholka

– Strike Newspaper. A-P-P #5, 2021 / сurated by Archiwum Protestow Publicznych 



2022 – BY LAW. Collaboration with artist Uladzimir Hramovich. Museum of Emigration / сurated by Maksymilian Bochenek, as part of the project SUPLEMENT (Gdynia, Poland)

2022 – Weakness Street. Günter Grass Gallery / сurated by Anna Łazar (Gdańsk, Poland)

2016 – Visual Diary. National Centre of Contemporary Arts (Minsk, Belarus) 

2015 – Seven Dreams L. Pracovna & Laskafe (Prague, Czech Republic)




– Coalition / Коаліція / Koalicja / Кааліцыя. Antiwarcoalition.art, DOMIE space (Poznań, Poland) 

– Distant Tolerable Murder. Poster with artist Valentyna Petrova / сurated by Anna Łazar and Lada Nakonechna, with the assistance of Museum of Art in Łódź (Berlin, Germany) 

– No.10. Alumni of the Sputnik Photos Mentor Program. FAF Gallery / сurated by Jan Brykczyński (Warsaw, Poland) 

– VERSSchmuggel Belarus Deutschland. Galerie intershop / сurated by Louise Walleneit (Leipzig, Germany)

– Echoes. Voices from Belarus III, ECLAT Hybrid Festival. Hospitalhof church / сurated by Christine Fischer (Stuttgart, Germany)


– OPA #12 Kolonia Artystów. Dolne Miasto (Gdansk, Poland)

– War, Revolution and Protest in the Female Lens. Dom Norymberski / сurated by Iwona Demko and Renata Kopyto (Krakow, Poland)

– Echoes. Voices from Belarus II, ECLAT Festival, Karlskaserne Art Center / сurated by Christine Fischer (Ludwigsburg, Germany) 

– Belarus – Screams of the Silenced. The Grey Space in the Middle. Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands) 

– Every Day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance. Gallery Mystetskyi Arsenal / сurated by Aleksei Borisionok, Andrei Dureika, Marina Naprushkina, Sergey Shabohin, Antonina Stebur and Maxim Tyminko (Kyiv, Ukraine) 

– Freedom, Pain and Hope. KLEISTER / сurated by Katja Haustein and Franca Wohlt (Berlin, Germany) 

– Cykl ADAPTACJE. Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki / сurated by Marta Gendera, Gustaw Nawrocki and Bartosz Nowak (Gorzowie Wlkp., Poland)

– Białoruś: Marsz Wolności. Kordegarda Gallery / сurated by Joanna Kinowska (Warsaw, Poland) 


– Not/funny pictures. KX Space / сurated by Lizaveta Michalchuk (Brest, Belarus)  

– Belarusian Sundays in Red and White. Henry Dunant Museum (Heiden, Switzerland)  

– Wear Zones. KX Space / сurated by Lizaveta Michalchuk (Brest, Belarus) 

2019 – Maiden names. Miejski Ośrodek Sztuki (Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland) 


– OSTLOOK, Triennial of Photography Hamburg. Gallery 21 Vorwerk Stift (Hamburg, Germany) 

– Mater Materia. KX Space / сurated by Lizaveta Michalchuk (Brest, Belarus)  

– Here and now. Space SQUAT (Minsk, Belarus) 


– One Can Not Be Too Careful. Lock In Gallery / сurated by Ania PsH, Raddy Junova and Rodina art group (Brighton, UK) 

– Work Hard! Play Hard! Transmission (Minsk, Belarus) 

– Memory Lands. Museo Della Battaglia, IoDeposito B#S Gallery / сurated by Chiara Isadora Artico (Italy, Treviso) 

– Hold on. Let go. AFF Gallery / сurated by Franca Wohlt (Berlin, Germany) 

– Prafota. CECH Gallery / сurated by Аnna Shpakova (Minsk, Belarus) 

2016 – To be like I. The Ў Gallery (Minsk, Belarus) 

2013 – Structuring. The Ў Gallery / сurated by Natalia Harachaja (Minsk, Belarus) 


During my residency, I will work with the archive and plan to complete a publication on the activities of the VEHA (http://veha.by) over five years. 

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