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Bereich: Performance, Bildende Kunst

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Performance, Bildende Kunst



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frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Juni 2022 - Juni 2022

EMIRHAKIN ( {born} Given Name(s) : Emirhan Surname: Akın June 20 - 1992, Turkey / TUR / Turkse / Non-European Gender : M / bt. A Rh+ / based in the Netherlands / Verblijfstitel Identiteitsbewijs / VT5073KF9 : valid until 25-06-23  / TR Identity No. 39035242464 / Document No. A02E57593 / valid until 04-03-27 / Passport No. U74200142 / date-of-expiry 17 APR 2027) is an arti/signer inquires the Self as an illusion [via text / performance / video-art ] that is armed by a constellation of characters given by others to answer the question: who is EMIRHAKIN?


UNFOLDING the layers of the performance ‘Who’s going to die, if I kill my self?’: is a video, performance, and sculptural installation inspired by EMIRHAKIN’s experience in, and in hindsight of, the Turkish military. Using his own experience of compulsory military service as his point of reflection, in relation to his queer identity, this installation and performance makes visible the oppressive structures that he had to endure and the acts of social camouflage that he had to engage in.

ELEMENTS: Questionnaire. Video. Movement. Loop. Censorship. Publication.

HOW to aline these elements to reconstruct the work?

Combat breathing in a museum quarter.

Developing survival strategies for the body.

How to recite, re-enact, and re-encounter the institutional and social boundaries that were placed on the body? The research engages with the intersection between death rituals in Islam and the mystic expression of the Islamic faith, Sufism, and how it frames ‘dying before you die’.

How to die in a museum?

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