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Diego Ledesma García

Diego Ledesma García

Bereich: Bildende Kunst, Kunstpädagogik

© Diego Ledesma García

© Diego Ledesma García

© Diego Ledesma García

© Diego Ledesma García

© Diego Ledesma García

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Bildende Kunst, Kunstpädagogik



Empfehlende Institution

ASIFA Austria


Jänner 2022 - Februar 2022

Diego Ledesma García (*1984) is a visual artist and educator who lives and works in Quito. His research processes are on the edges of art, pedagogy and ethnography. He is interested in inquiring about how different environments are builded and the cultural landscape produced on it . Through his professional career he has worked on different projects with public institutions such as the Ministry of Culture and Heritage or the Institute for the Promotion of Arts, Culture and Innovation, and private initiatives related to education and arts such as Arteducarte or S1-90.


2022. Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales [Latin American Faculty of Social Science] (FLACSO). Ecuador campus. Master degree in Visual Anthropology (in progress).
2014. Universitat de Barcelona. Spain. Master degree in Visual Arts and Education: A Constructionist Perspective.
2010. Universidad Central del Ecuador. Higher Diploma in Ecuadorian Art Studies.
2008. Universidad Central del Ecuador. Bachelor of Fine Arts with mention in Painting and Engraving.

Fellowships and Grants

2021. Artistic residencies and creation workshops program of the Center for Contemporary Art. Quito.
2018. Promotion Fund for the Arts, Culture and Innovation of the Institute for the Promotion of Arts, Culture and Innovation.
2013. Honorific mention. Brazil Award for emerging artists, organized by the Center for Contemporary Art. Quito.

Individual Exhibitions and Publications

2020. Ecuador Amargo. F-ILIA. Journal of the Latin American Institute for Research in Arts. Graphic essay publication.
2019. PIEDEMONTE. No Lugar Gallery. Quito, Ecuador.


“Ecuador Amargo” (Bitter Ecuador) is a poetry book of the ecuadorian writer Jorge Enrique Adoum made in 1949, showing feelings that he kept from his stay in Chile, due to a beaten and subdued country, upon attempting to complete an unreachable process of social, political, economic and cultural transformation. It is interesting how those feelings still remain and these are evident in the current times. I want to take these poetries as a starting point of a reflection of the crisis for the covid-19 pandemic and the violent issues shown in the news in 2021. “Ecuador Amargo” will be a series of experimental animations, drawings and linoleum prints.

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