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Floor van Leeuwen

Floor van Leeuwen

Bereich: Performance, Movement

MUUR (Wall), choreography Floor van Leeuwen in collaboration with Veem House for Performance and TENT, 2019

Photo: Bart Grietens

MUUR (Wall), choreography Floor van Leeuwen in collaboration with Veem House for Performance and TENT, 2019

Photo: Bart Grietens

Schwalbe is searching for crowds, theatercollective Schwalbe, 2014

Schwalbe is searching for crowds, theatercollective Schwalbe, 2014

Key Facts




Performance, Movement



Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


Februar 2021 - Februar 2021

Floor van Leeuwen (1984) is a mimographer and co-founder of the physical theater collective Schwalbe since 2008. Since 2008 she has also worked regularly with Lotte van den Berg on Building Conversation and Dying Together, among other things. Her work is characterized by a research in collective movement. Her style is minimalistic and energetic; a seemingly simple act can find a poetic depth in the duration and interaction between individuals. With Schwalbe she made Schwalbe zoekt Massa (Schwalbe is looking for crowds, 2014), a performance in which the interaction between individual and mass was investigated and up to 100 new participants participated per performance. In 2019 she made Muur (Wall) with a group of circus artists, mimers, dancers and amateur movers.

Co-creation of: Till We Die (2008-..), Schwalbe performs on their own (2010), Schwalbe cheats (2012), Schwalbe is looking for crowds (2014), Schwalbe performs a time (2016), Schwalbe works (2017-2020). Performed at Frascati, Theater Rotterdam, Theater Kikker and other Dutch Theaters, Kaai theater, Stuk, Buda and other Belgian theaters and once or twice at HAU Berlin, Radialsystem Berlin, Maltafestival Poznan, and other EU festivals

collaboration with theaterdirector Lotte van den Berg: Atman (2008), Street, Les spectateurs, Building Conversation (2012-..), Dying Together (2017-2020). Performed at Frascati, Theater Rotterdam, Oerol and other Dutch theaters, Performatik Brussels, Kunsten Festival Des Arts Brussels, BIT Theatergarasjen Bergen, Nanterre Amandiers and other EU theaters.

Wall (2018) performed at VeemHouse for Performance, Theater Kikker, De Nieuwe Vorst, Julidans and other Dutch theaters.

collaboration with TOOLS FOR ACTION: #SOSMoria (2019), Digital Swarming Research (2019-..), Swarmrehearsal (2020). Performed at Westerpark, Flevopark, Malieveld, Shell Research Center, Leieboorden and other public places in the Netherlands and Belgium


RÆV REHEARSAL is a collaborative project between Artúr van Balen | TOOLS FOR ACTION and choreographer Floor van Leeuwen. The starting point for RÆV REHEARSAL is the question of assembly. Can we develop new forms of assembly, also in times of COVID-19? RÆV REHEARSAL proposes a playful exercise in future forms of manifestation, based on swarm principles. During the residency we will research swarm behaviour and make little tests with a distributed speaker system in public space. Can we move as a swarm of dancing bodies through the city? And can we design tools for manifestation, based on swarm principles?

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