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Federica Dauri

Federica Dauri

Bereich: Performance, Choreographie, Bildende Kunst

CorpOrale, 2020

© Federica Dauri, sound installation: Elisa Batti



© Federica Dauri

O, 2017

© Federica Dauri


Fleshy, 2019

© Federica Dauri, in collaboration with the sculptor Hemes Pittakos


See-through, 2019

© Federica Dauri

© Federica Dauri

Fase Orale, 2018

© Federica Dauri with Martina Gabrielli


Key Facts




Performance, Choreographie, Bildende Kunst



Empfehlende Institution

frei_raum Q21 exhibition space


April 2021 - April 2021

Federica Dauri is a performance artist, choreographer, and visual artist.

Born and raised in Rome, Federica moved to Berlin in 2014 after having lived and worked in New York and Amsterdam since 2009.

After studying ballet, contemporary dance, and choreography at the National Academy of dance in Rome, Dauri specialized in a critical investigation of body politics, philosophy, and performing art.

Her creative work is rooted in a critical engagement with Rudolf Steiner's system of Eurythmy a rhythmical, physical, and vocal art of expression, as well as the Japanese dance Butoh.

She refined her performance signature under the lead direction of Trisha Brown in New York.

Her work has allowed her to pursue a wide range of artistic mediums such as performance art _especially long-durational performances _ as well as installations and mix media works.

Her artistic research questions the meaning of presence, that it revolves around the consciousness of the self in relation to the environment.

Mindfulness in fact means maintaining moment by moment awareness of the thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, surrounding environment, and relationship with others.

Being entirely present with the whole body and mind, using the circumstances of the moment and creating a relationship between yourself and the surrounding environment, these are the key points of Dauri's performative research.

In her artistic practice, the human body is the central object of projection and introspection, by focusing on a profound research in the physical, emotional, and social relevance.

Through this investigation, the body becomes subject and object at the same time, content and form, a tool of research, and the researched concept.

She seeks the possibility to observe, analyze, and manifest the most intimate and hidden processes of the body, seeking a profound organicity and awareness in her performative action.



The performative research I would like to propose is an investigation into the relationship between body and space by observing how the physical body is able to adapt to the surrounding space and even become an integral part of it through a process of metamorphosis and fusion with the environment.

The body is therefore an ergonomic tool that investigates its environment.

This process manifests itself as a sort of camouflage, absorption, and assimilation. The body adapts itself, becomes an extension of its surroundings, and merges with it. The metamorphosis of the body into architecture and into space is a process in constant transformation: it loses its head, it's just a torso, becomes an animal, becomes an object, aligns itself with the floor, penetrates through the walls, affirms and denies itself, becomes the trace of a presence, and changes its physiognomy in a process of disintegration and fusion.

This project has been inspired by Francesca Woodman's photography and her personal research on the "internal geometries," the use of her body as a spatial and compositional reference.

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