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Thomas Sørlie Hansen

Thomas Sørlie Hansen

Bereich: Comic, Illustration

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

© Thomas Sørlie Hansen

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Comic, Illustration



Empfehlende Institution

KABINETT comic passage


Oktober 2020 - Oktober 2020

August 2019: Experimental artist's comic book to be released with exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2019: Release of mini-zine «Mugshot artists» in Norway/China
2018: Jury leader, Most beautiful books of the year, Norway
2017: Exhibition design of artist Guttorm Guttormsgaards artist's books
2017: Jury member, Most beautiful books of the year, Norway
2015: Self published Panto comic book
2014: Experimental comics mural «Junction Stories 2» at Deichmanske, Schous plass, Oslo
2014: Silver in Most beautiful books of the year, Norway
2014-: Head of Illustration, Kristiania Univeristy College, Trondheim, Norway
2013: Gold and diploma in Most beautiful books of the year, Norway
2012: Self published comic «Junction Stories»
2010-: First price in the Universitas newspaper and launching comic strip «Panto»
2010: Part of exhibition at Fumetto, Luzern, Switzerland
2009: First price in No Words Comics, Bolzano, Italy w/ exhibition


In 2010 I launched a silent comic strip called «Panto». It was quite successful and got into several newspapers. It being silent, without words, also made it reach a broader audience online. My point in making «Panto» was to stretch and experimenting with the humble strip format. I was annoyed by the lack of creativity in funny comic strips in Scandinavia, they all seemed to me to mimic each other (much like a pantomime!). So, «Panto» became my attempt at this, anyway, inspired by Krazy Kat and other early comics. After only a couple of years I had to move on to other jobs and it never got properly released.
I would like to take the opportunity the Artist in Residence program would give me, to relaunch the comic and prepare a book to be released. I already have about a 100 strips, so I would like to freshen up the best ones and in addition make a new strip every day of my stay in Vienna. This will then be compiled into a book form.
I will also, throughout my stay, promote the comic strip and the AIR program by making «Panto in Vienna», single panels based on my observations from the city. These will be continuously published on my Instagram channel during my residency.

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